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Dangote Nearing Arsenal Takeover Talks With Kroenke

There is a group of Arsenal fans who believe that their team is being held back by the ownership of Stan Kroenke and they will be happy about the latest development. For years, the Kroenke family has bought out other shareholders to fully own Arsenal. But that could end soon with Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote insisting that he will buy the club and return them to the top of English football.

He first announced his intention to own a stake at the club in 2015, according to Football London and he has followed that up with several reaffirmations that he would buy the Gunners.

In 2020, he reaffirmed, according to the report: “It is a team that yes I would like to buy someday, but what I keep saying is we have $20billion worth of projects and that’s what I really want to concentrate on. I’m trying to finish building the company and then after we finish, maybe sometime in 2021 we can.

“I’m not buying Arsenal right now, I’m buying Arsenal when I finish all these projects because I’m trying to take the company to the next level.”

One project that the African is looking to get finished is a refinery in Nigeria and a recent report on The Africa Report says he would deliver the project this year.

This means that Arsenal fans can expect the Billionaire to begin talks with Kroenke for the takeover of their beloved club soon.



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