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COVID-19 National Trust Fund Releases Address, Bank Account Details For Easy Donations

The Covid-19 National Trust Fund says it is making known its office address and bank account details to the citizenry as part of measures of receiving all contributions to support persons engaged in the combat against the novel virus.

In a release signed by the Administrator of the National Trust, Dr. William Asare, he said “The Main Account (Bank of Ghana) is COVID-19 National Trust Fund, account numbers; 101861613357 for donations in (GHc), 1028631613107 for (USD) contributions, 1038631613021 for (GBP) and 1188631613023 for (EUR)”

The statement further explained that for Collection Account, the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) account is registered as COVID-19 National Trust Fund with an account number 1011180001808 and located on the High Street, Accra.

Dr. Asare also added that the Consolidated Bank of Ghana (CBG) account is registered as COVID-19 National Trust Fund with an account number 1614456100003 and located at Head Office, Manet Towers, Accra.

The COVID-19 National Trust Fund however thanked the people of Ghana, Companies, Churches and other Institutions for their generosity.

The National Trust Fund assured that all contributions are applied transparently in support of persons engaged in the combat of the pandemic and vulnerable individuals affected by the disease.

Below is a copy of the release:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith


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