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COVID-19: "Demand For Local Poultry Rises Amidst Pandemic" - President of Greater Accra Poultry Farm

President of Greater Accra Poultry Farmers Association, Michael Nyarko - Ampem has revealed that there is a high demand for local poultry despite the increasing number of covid-19 cases recorded in the country.

According to him, the poultry industry used to struggle for attention since all focus was on imported products but due to the limited importation of goods, farmers in the country have witnessed a great change.

He said "Fortunately, we are getting orders from restaurants and various eateries. Also, markets are functioning so our poultry is gaining momentum. People are beginning to appreciate the local poultry more compared to the imported ones."

Mr. Ampem further added that due to the Covid-19 scare and how low importation of the products are, business have improved tremendously.

He however called for government's support to boost productivity since the demand keeps increasing.

"We do not have enough day old chicks which is a major challenge for us. The market has been created, but the day-old chicks to fill that space is not there. We hope government will find a way to bring in day-old chicks to keep our industry running" he added.

However, the story was different this year during the three weeks lock down as some scores of Ghanaian poultry farmers complained about the low patronage.

He added that by 2023, government has taken initiatives to increase local poultry production and ban the importation of foreign poultry but to achieve this goal, the right support must come in place.

Story by: Bervelyn Henrietta Allotey



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