CHEATING SCANDAL: Actor, Kevin Hart Set To Rebuild Marriage With Wife, Eniko

Actor, Kevin Hart admits that rebuilding his marriage "wasn't a walk in the park" after his cheating scandal.

  The 40-year-old actor and comedian opened up about how he and wife Eniko worked through his infidelity on Friday's episode of The School of Greatness podcast. In a discussion with host Lewis Howes, Kevin explained why Eniko decided to stay with him after finding out he had cheated on her. 

"She came to an amazing conclusion of, 'I like the fact that we have a family, that we have a household, and I like the fact that we now got a job to do to get better,'" Kevin said, remembering his wife telling him, "That's what you owe me. You owe me the get-better." 

Eniko held him "accountable" afterwards, he shared. 

"It wasn't a walk in the park," he confessed, but said it was Eniko's understanding that "we don't let the outside world affect our inside." "I credit her for setting that tone," he said.  The comedian has a fear of reptiles. In a 2016 interview with Us Weekly, he stated, “My biggest phobia is reptiles. Dogs are fine; reptiles get up under my skin. Snakes, lizards, things of that nature. I can’t do it.” He is a self-confessed fan of Justin Bieber. “I listen to 'Sorry,' by Justin Bieber, on repeat. I am 100 percent a Belieber,” he told Us Weekly in 2016. His first gig was at The Laff House in Philadelphia. However, he was constantly booed during his initial performances; reportedly, a half-eaten chicken wing was once thrown at him. Slideshow continues on the next slide The star, who often jokes about his height during his stand-up, designed an app. Called Little Jumpman, it was described as a “vertically challenged game of skill [that] will make you laugh and cry with Kevin as he reaches for the sky.” In a 2016 interview with Us Weekly, Hart admitted he would have loved to meet the late actor Robin Williams. He stated, “If I could meet anyone, I would choose Robin Williams. I would simply say, ‘You were loved. Your stamp on comedy is something that definitely wasn’t overlooked.’” The comic actor also revealed he would have loved to have been part of the Martin Scorsese-directed crime film, “Goodfellas” (1990). “Joe Pesci’s character, Tommy, is a dream role,” he stated. Hart was named the host of the 2019 Oscars broadcast on Dec. 5, 2018, but stepped down two days later in response to outcry over homophobic tweets he posted in earlier years. He wrote on Twitter that he didn't want to be a distraction and "I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words from my past."  Kevin's cheating scandal erupted in 2017, when reports surfaced that he cheated on Eniko while she was eight months pregnant with their first child, son Kenzo.

"How I found out was a DM. I don't know who it was," Eniko said on the show. "They sent me an edited video of Kevin and, you know, another woman. I was pregnant at that time, I was about seven or eight months pregnant. I was having breakfast, I opened my phone and immediately I just lost it. I called him, I'm crying, I'm like, p****d. Right then and there, I kept saying, 'How the f**k did you let that happen?'"

"You publicly humiliated me," she continued. "Everything’s on Instagram, everything's on social media. It was an ongoing fight all the time. Every single day. I kept questioning him, like, 'If this is what you’re gonna do, I don’t want to be a part of that.'"

Kevin called cheating on Eniko the "lowest moment of my life." 

"He’s f**k up and this was a bad one. This was major. Nine years and I think looking forward, it’ll be better," she said. "I believe in second chances. I'm all about forgiveness, and you only get two times. Three strikes you're out, you’re out of here. So, as long as he behaves, we’re good."

The couple are now expecting their second child together, a baby girl.

Source: Jennifer Drysdale‍