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Boozy Bride Trips Over Dress And Breaks Foot 'After A Few Drinks' At Her Wedding (Pics)

A stunning bride was left literally blushing on her wedding day when she stumbled over her own dress and broke her foot during the celebrations. Sam Graham, 40, who tied the knot with her beau Dave in Burnley on August 7, is now recuperating on crutches while her new hubby is tending to her every need. The newly wed said: "Our vows said: 'in sickness and in health' and so Dave’s had a baptism of fire in that respect. He is not the world’s best chef, but he has certainly done his best to look after me.

“I’d had a few drinks at my wedding, and I think that certainly contributed to my fall. Needless to say Dave and me didn’t get up to any nookie on our wedding night; I was in too much pain and too tipsy as well.” Sam has been on crutches since her wedding day The mum-of-one said: "I wasn’t really looking for love, one my mates had put my details on the site. But it turned out Dave actually used to live near my mum and like me, he was a single parent. "He was very gentlemanly. We fell in love really quickly."

Dave and Sam got engaged and started planning their wedding, but in August last year, Sam's mum Sylvia died from cancer, aged just 66. And her absence was felt strongly on Sam's wedding day. Sam said: Mum and I were very close, so it was heartbreaking. I had a photo of her at the wedding so that I could see her as I walked down the aisle.

"I had a few drinks to try to control my emotions, because I really missed her." And by the end of the night, Sam admits she was "quite drunk."

She said: "As we walked in through our front door, I got the train of my wedding dress stuck under my wedges and I went headlong. “My foot was absolute agony, but I thought I could sleep it off. We both collapsed into bed.”

However, the next morning, Sam woke up to a swollen and painful foot, so she went to the hospital. Scans revealed she had two hairline fractures, and she was given a boot and crutches and told to rest for a month. "I hate sitting still but I am in so much pain. I can’t go to work, and I can’t drive, it’s very frustrating," she said. "Dave has been looking after me, cooking and helping me up the stairs, which is not the best start to married life! I can’t wait to get back to my own cooking.”

The couple are planning a honeymoon in October when Sam is fully recovered.

Below are some pictures:

Credit: The Mirror



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