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“Beefing Fellow Artiste Causes Damage, Dwindles Music Industry" - Ex-Doe dam

Although social media has been buzzing for weeks following series of diss songs from some Artists in the country, one of Ghana’s greatest Hi-Life Artist, Ex-Doe is appealing to fellow Musicians to bring to an end the attitude of 'beefing' one other.

According to Ex-Doe, such behaviours causes damage to some Artists and dwindles the country's Music Industry.

The “Maba” hitmaker said "It is better to be united and entertain fans with good music than artists trolling each other. It is true as artiste we must be creative sometimes but getting creative through creating rivalries doesn’t help the development of our music"

Comparing Ghanaian Music to Nigeria, he noted that most Nigerian Artists spend time pushing one another as compared to what is being done in the Ghana.

“Anytime you do music targeting each other, it does not go far and stay within your borders. Nigerian music has gone far because they don’t create any unnecessary rivalries but help each other thrive for the overall benefit of their industry’’ he said.

Ex-Doe hinted that although beefs creates traffic for Artists, followers use the opportunity pass negative comments which does not unity amongst the various fan-base.

Despite Ex Doe being one of the Originators of 'beefs' in the Ghanaian Music Industry, the Musician says emotional artists who get themselves involved in "beefing” pay dearly and sometimes end up quitting music.

“Some rivalries over the past years have not ended well. Some 'beefs' has created hatred between artistes and their fan base. So any artiste involved in beefing will have to pay a huge price someday regardless of the temporal fame or attention they get"

He explained that he feels disappointed he towed that line adding that some fans till now remember his 'beef' with Chicago and Reggie Rockstone than the good music he did in the ’90s.

Ex Doe however explained that he had big plans for the year until Coronavirus struck adding he hopes things gets better in the coming months.

He explained that he might drop an album before the year ends.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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