"Be Cautious In Dealing With Recidivists" - Deputy PRO, Prisons Service

The Deputy Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Prosons Service, ASP Samuel Kofi Opoku has admonished the media not to engage recidivists on their airwaves.

According to him, some inmates who spend their lives in and out of different prison walls for different offences are notorious,very cunning and always out to tarnish and dent the reputation of individuals and institutions that makes them go through such reformation process.

Speaking in an interview monitored by Thinknewsonline.com, ASP Samuel Kofi Opoku said "The case of one ex-convict circulating on social media by name Daniel Ofori who claims he was sentenced to 10years imprisonment in 2011 by a Konongo circuit court for using and trading in narcotics. He claims he served 6years 8months at the Nsawam medium security prison and was released this Wednesday"

The Deputy PRO explained that serving 6years 8months from 2011 means he ought to be released in 2018 and not this year.

Thinknewsonline.com has gathered that the accused contraband with officers and use of mobile phones by fellow inmates in the prison.

He explained that the Prison Service punishes officers and inmates who are reported to the authorities and found culpable of the offense.

Checks at the Nsawam medium security prison reveals that no inmate by name Daniel Ofori was discharged at the facility on Wednesday.

The Deputy PRO stressed that one sub-culture that the inmate population in every prison establishment frown upon is the act sodomy.

The allegation of ex-convict Ofori on sodomy is totally untrue.

"There have been instances where some ex-convicts rush to media houses to give false reports on their experiences in the prison in exchange of financial gains, acceptance from society and favors"

He cautioned the various media houses and the general public to investigate such persons before allowing them on their platforms.

He stressed that the information they give out are carefully structured to defame and win the hearts of the public.

"These are the few bad nuts who make effective reformation and safe custody a difficult task in the prison community. His mannerisms and comments as he accepted himself on live Television clearly shows that he has experienced prison life more than once and was not willing to gain skills in tailoring though he opted to be trained" he continued.

"Media engagements with exconvicts who rush to the Media to overexagerate, tell lies and tarnish the image of officers who despite the challenges they face in ensuring effective safe custody and reformation

should not be entertained"

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith