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BANDA: Newly Confirmed DCE Begins His 'Thank You Tour'

The President's nominee who got confirmed into office by the Honourable Members of the Banda District Assembly as District Chief Executive (DCE), Hon. Akoneh Emmanuel, has began his journey with a 'Thank you Tour' to the chiefs of the communities in the Banda District.

He was accompanied by the Executives of the District assembly.

The DCE thanked the Chiefs and the people for entrusting him with all their efforts and assured them of good administration.

He added that the Chiefs were doing marvelous work to help develop their communities but he is chosen to make additions.

"Before I was nominated as a DCE, the Chiefs were already in the bid of developing their enclaves, so I needed to get to them for advice and blessings to enhance my work", he expressed.

The tour to the communities in the District was visited 9 communities to interact with the citizens as well as to explain some government policies to them.

He indicated that the visits of such nature was supposed to be regular to enable him and Management of the Banda District Assembly account to the people for the power entrusted to him as their leaders, but hinted that peace and unity should prevail for a better living amongst them.

At Banda Nyire, which is one of the communities he visited, he mentioned that education is the key issue he will open his eyes on, to reduce educational unsatisfactions.

"I have had some request from the Chiefs which are very challenging for them for them and I will make sure to assist them, but I will first tackle education issues, cause where there is no way to education, development regards", he stated.

In addition to curb challenges in the district, he stated that in a bid to promote healthcare at the community levels, CHIPS compounds will set to ease the stress the people go through in assessing healthcare at the communities.

In all the communities he visited, the chiefs were full of appreciation for the DCE’s visit and the projects embarked upon in their District.

They pledged their collaboration in ensuring that the Assembly succeeds in all its programmes in the present and the future in unity and peace.

He added his voice to the 2022 budget that, it is a good idea to scrap the road tolls cause it was a cheat to some enclaves and a good idea to introduce the electronic levy which will set up a cease corruption.

He made this known to Appiah Kubi in an interview on Tain FM Anɔpa Nkɔmmɔ.

The Tour is said to proceed to the remaining communities within the District.

Source: Tain FM



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