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"Ayisha Modi Is A Lesbian, She Sleeps With A Popular Pastor’s Wife For Rent" – Afia Schwar

Popular media personality Afia Schwar has dragged Ayisha Modi into the gutters in their new clash.

Ayisha Modi and Afia Schwar have clashed on social media after Ayisha Modi accused Afia of being a beggar, betrayer, an opportunist, and a bad friend.

This name-calling follows after Afia disclosed that she sent money to Moesha to help her in her difficult moment.

According to Ayisha Modi, Afia Schwar has been using her witchcraft to destroy the lives of many young ladies and also abandoned her friend Moesha in her difficult moment.

Ayisha also red Afia to respond to her and also threatened to drop audio of Afia badmouthing others.

In a rebuttal, Afia Schwar has taken to her Facebook to drag Ayisha Modi in the gutters and has dared her to drop the supposed video she claims she has.

She has hurled insults at her and has alleged that Ayisha Modi sleeps with a top celebrity’s wife so she can get money to pay her rent.

According to Afia, the top celebrity sleeps around and hardly pays attention to his wife so Ayisha Modi has been the one satisfying the woman sexually in exchange for cash.

Watch the video below:

Credit: Belinda Arthur



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