APPIATSE FUND: “Your Contribution Is Not Significant” – Lands Minister To Ghana Chamber of Mines

The Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel A. Jinapor has hit hard on the leadership of the Ghana Chamber of Mines saying their contribution to the Appiatse Support Fund is not significant.

The Minister made these remarks when the Ghana Chamber of Mines donated $4 Million USD to the Appiatse Support Fund on Wednesday.

Addressing Journalists in Accra, the Minister said “The contribution you have made is most welcomed. I am particularly glad that you have mentioned the names of the companies who have contributed and that is very important. Permit me not to miss words, AngloGold Ashanti contributed, Chirano Ghana Limited has contributed, New Mount has contributed, Goldfields has contributed but I am afraid I have to point this out that a chamber of your strength, size, members, portfolio, and the matters you deal with in this country and what you are involved in, I am afraid, I am sorry, I am not too sure, this is significant. I don’t think that I will share in that sentiment”

“The four companies that have contributed, the Ghanaian people are extremely grateful to them and very appreciative of what they have done”

The Minister also added that the calls to ban mining in the country is inappropriate adding that it contributes to the economy.

“When an incident like this happens, it just has a way of amplifying and heightening that suspicion”

Hon. Jinapor also stressed that it will not be out of pain if the Ghana Chamber of Mines took the full bill of the reconstruction of the Appiatse Community.

“It will not be out of pain if the Ghana Chamber of Mines were to be taking the whole bill of the reconstruction of this community. It will absolutely not be out of pain in all respect”

“If I had my way, this support fund idea would have been abandoned for the chamber to step forward and say this is an incident which was occasioned by a matter relating to the mining so we take this entire bill”

On his part, President of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, Eric Asubonteng, said “The Chamber was very concerned about the incident, and have therefore pulled their resources together, culminating in the Four Million Dollars (US$4,000,000.00) they were presenting”

He revealed that the main contributors to the donation are Anglogold Ashanti Ltd, Chirano Gold Mines Ltd, Goldfields Ghana Ltd, and Newmont Ghana Ltd.

He said the Chamber has a total membership of over seventy (70) companies and expressed his hope that the other members will contribute to the Fund.

Mr. Asubonteng also thank the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, for his leadership and the constructive and decisive manner in which he handled the Appiatse explosion incident.

“It has been handled in such a way that the industry has been held together. Because it could have meant anything, and if it had gotten out of hand, it wouldn’t have been to the benefit of any stakeholder, Mr. Assubonteng said.

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Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith