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Apam Turns Red As 13 Children Who Drowned Last Week Get Mass Burial Today (Pics/Videos)

Apam turned red today as thirteen children aged between 12 to 15 years who got drowned last week have received mass burial today.

In what can be described as a sorrowful situation, the family members who made it to the Catholic morgue could not control themselves as tears run down their cheeks.

It is emerging that the 13 children took to the beach to play football.

ThinkNews Online has gathered that after playing the football, the kids later turned to swim as a sign of refreshing themselves.

Narrating the incident, a survivor, Kwesi said "We went to the beach to play football with some girls. We were there playing the football when we saw a beautiful girl. We rushed to the sea and play with her"

He added that while playing with the girl, they got into a fight after he was accused of fondling the girl's breast.

He said "While we were arguing in the water, we saw a big wave. The wave took us away but a very tall man saved my life by dragging me to the shore. I did not dee my friends again and I got very scared"

Little Kwesi advised the public to be very careful whenever they go to the beach to swim.

Abusua Baatan at Apam, Amponsah performed a ritual for the survivor, Kwesi as he appealed to the gods of the land to protect the little boy.

"As I stand here today, I am praying for Kwesi. I am asking that the gods of Apam to protect him. I am asking the dead children not to come closer to him. As we stand here, I am giving you this GHc10 to use as transportation to the land of the dead. May your souls rest in peace.

Below is a video of the interview and pictures:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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