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"Akuapem Poloo’s Child Is With Me, He Doesn’t Know What Is Going On" – Actress' Lawyer

Legal Counsel for actress Akuapem Poloo says her seven-year-old son currently lives with him in his home.

The lawyer for the actress, Andrew Kudzo Vortia, said that he offered to take care of the boy while his mother serves the 90 days sentence an Accra High Court handed her.

Speaking on Prime Morning on Joy Prime, he explained that he believes he has better facilities to take care of the young boy while his mother is in jail.

“I took him to my outside residence, I have a house that hosts about five orphans and so they are playing around my compound,” he explained.

When asked if the seven-year-old knows his mother has been convicted, the lawyer answered in the negative. He added that they have been trying their best to shield his young mind from finding out what actually is going on. Lawyer Vortia said that they have explained to the young boy that his mother is shooting a movie and she will return after she is done.

“I have told him mummy is going to do some acting work. I have created an impression that what is happening is part of the role that she is playing. So the son thinks the mother is acting,” he added.

Background Actress Rosemond Alade Brown was on Friday jailed for 90 days by an Accra Circuit Court for taking nude pictures with her son and posting them on her Instagram page. Handing her judgment on Friday, the High Court judge Christina Cann expressed discontent with the alarming rate at which nudity has become a thing in the country’s social media space.

The sentencing generated a lot of buzz with some schools of thought claiming it is too harsh while others said she deserved it.

Akuapem Poloo appealed to Ghanaians to support her with prayers as she begins her 90-day jail sentence.

Meanwhile, counsel for the social media sensation, last Friday said his client will appeal against the 90 days sentence.

Speaking to journalists in Accra after court proceedings, Mr. Vortia described the sentence as “harsh”.

He said the court should have considered the mitigating factors that he had advanced; including the fact that Brown was a first-time offender and a single mother.

Also speaking on Prime Morning, Monday he revealed that Attorney General, Godfred Dame backs his intention to appeal the 90-day jail sentence.

Mr. Vortia said the Attorney General in a phone call described the 90-day imprisonment as “a bit too harsh”.




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