"Add Value To Our Ga-Dangme Language, Culture In The Country" - Ga-Dangme Groups To Authorities

Two Ga-Dangme advocacy groups, Ga-Dangme Hewaloi Hewamenya, and Ga-Dangme Education and Cultural Foundation (USA) are calling for the Authorities to value, preserve and protect of the Ga and Dangme culture and languages in the country.

According to the groups, the two cultures and languages are the local dialects of the indigenous people of Ghana’s capital city, Greater Accra which must not be brushed aside.

In a statement issued and signed by Spokesperson for the groups, Osofo Nii Naate Atswele Agbo Nartey said "The two organisations, made up of sons and daughters of Ga-Dangme lineage, are working frantically in Ghana and the diaspora to ensure the development of people of Ga-Dangme descent. They are also collaborating to enhance participatory local governance in Ga-Dangme communities"

He added that it is important for people to learn and speak the local language stressing that knowing one's dialect helps in connecting with them.

Osofo Nii Naate Atswele Agbo Nartey also mentioned that it is important for non Ga-Dangme people to have respect and dignity for language.

He tasked the various media houses to make it a point to read news and host few shows in Ga-Dangme.

"GaDangme language must be added on schools curriculums and irrelevant transfer of trained GaDaŋme teachers from Greater Accra to other regions should be stopped" he stated.

He appealed to Universities to provide scholarships for outstanding Ga-Dangme students and sponsorship their programs abroad.

Story by Joshua Kwabena Smith