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ACCRA: BBF Partners EPA To Mark World Environmental Day 2020

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

A group calling itself, Berlinda Babila Foundation (BBF), a Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Charity Organization has partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ghana to organise a clean-up exercise in Accra to mark this year’s World Environment Day 2020 Celebration.

According to the Country Director of BBF, Sirekii Clarence Tange, the move forms part of BBF’s social responsibility of promoting and also ensuring the environment is kept clean.

In an exclusive interview with, Mr. Tange said “Today is World Environmental Day and we at BBF are looking deep at what concerns humanity. We are here to make sure that the environment is treated well and is clean so that whosoever see the gesture and puts it into practice will know that it is contributing to nation building”

He added the exercise also forms part of fulfilling United Nation’s strategic plan on environmental protection.

Mr. Tange also disclosed that if the environment is not protected, the lives of human and other spices on the planet will be at stake.

“It is our collective responsibility to see that we give our environment the maximum protection that it so badly needs. That is why we are partnering with the Ministry of Environment and the EPA in the exercise to see that together, we give today, a colourful name” he revealed.

Speaking on environmental degradation, the Country Director noted that it is sad that many Africans do not respect the environment thereby polluting and destroying it.

He said “Yes, it is actually true that people do not care about the environment but they fail to understand something. It is imperative for each and every individual to know that if we fail collectively to protect the environment, it means we are also contributing to destroying and wiping away of all species. There will be a time that if we do not protect the environment, we cannot live freely”

He advised the citizenry to ensure the environments are always taken care of adding that if it is poorly managed, it can cause the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Acting Executive Director, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), John Alexis Pwamang lauded the Berlinda Babila Foundation (BBF) for its kind gesture adding that although the notice came late, he is grateful, his office has partnered as well as partaken in the cleaning exercise.

Speaking on the National theme; ‘Protecting Bio-diversity, Our Survival Depends On It’, Mr. Pwamang said “Bio-diversity is very important because we have all the natural organism which support of lives. This year, the UN is focusing on bio-diversity. We are glad that you said you wanted to help us”

Mr. Pwamang assured the Berlinda Babila Foundation (BBF) of future partnership which will see to the beautification of Ghana’s environment.

He commended staffs of the EPA for taking time of their busy schedules to partake in the cleaning exercise.

The EPA presented two wheelbarrows, rakes among others to the Belinda Babila Foundation to support the exercise. is learning that the Belinda Babila Foundation is not only a 501(c) (3) Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Charity Organization but also raises funds to respond to the needs of poor Orphans, Widows, Disabled, Less Privileged, Afflicted, Displaced People and other vulnerable children in the African Continent.

The Organisation is a global leader with a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty.

Watch the interviews below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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