"About 80% Of Ghanaians Are Thieves" – Kennedy Agyapong (Video)

Businessman and Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central Constituency in the Central Region of Ghana, Kennedy Agyapong, has decried short-sightedness and dishonesty among Ghanaians.

Mr Agyapong says “about 80% of Ghanaians” not excluding religious leaders, police officers, are “thieves.”

He made this known while speaking to Padmore Baffour Agyapong during the maiden edition of #The Attitude Programme on the Net2 TV.

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Speaking in the interview monitored by African Entertainment, Mr Agyapong lamented how a significant number of Ghanaians cannot dream big and think into the distant future.

While commenting on how Ghanaians treat businesses owned by others, he noted that Ghanaians have “horrible attitudes” towards work.

He decried how Ghanaians do not approach work with seriousness.

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According to him, Ghanaians did not see businesses owned by others as their own and treat them as such so as to help build them up.

“We are also dishonest dealing with partners,” he said.

“You see, we are just short-sighted,” he added.

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Mr. Agyapong is one of several businessmen who have complained about how dishonest Ghanaians are when it comes to managing businesses owned by others.

Several individuals have in the past complained about the “narrow-mindedness” of Ghanaians, especially when it comes to decision making that will make a business prosperous in the long-term.

According to Mr. Agyapong, foreigners including Chinese, Indians and Lebanese are coming to Ghana and generating huge wealth why Ghanaians were languishing in poverty because of their attitudes.

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He lamented how most Ghanaian businesses managed by Ghanaians did not last more than three years when their founders die.

Initially, he stated that he thought it was the African “thing” that many people do not think long-term and dream big as well as act honestly.

However, he bemoaned that he got to realize that some Africans were honest and full of vision when he encountered some Ghanaian businessmen and women who were forced to go to Zimbabwe and Cameroon to hire people to manage their businesses because they did not trust their fellow Ghanaians including even their own families.

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Again, he noted how because of dishonesty, Ghanaians were being taken for a ride in their own country by Chinese, Lebanese and Indians.

He revealed that a number of wealthy Ghanaian men are afraid to invest in production businesses because they feel Ghanaian workers will destroy them.

‘Time for change’

He stated that it was about time for Ghanaians to take their destiny into their own hands and the only way to do so, he said is to think big, dream big and do things with honesty.

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Watch the interview below:

Credit: The African Entertainment