ABLEKUMA CENTRAL: NCCE Holds Inter-Party Dialogue Committee Meeting For Political Parties (VIDEOS)

The Ablekuma Central Municipal Office of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in collaboration with the Ministry of National Security has held an inter-party dialogue committee (IPDC) meeting for members of the various political parties and other stakeholders.

According to the NCCE, the meeting is aimed at reigniting dialogue among political parties and other stakeholders on the collective responsibility of ensuring peaceful co-existence as a cornerstone of nation building.

Addressing the gathering, Chairperson of the NCCE, Josephine Nkrumah who was the special guest of honour, said “The social cohesion and unity we need in this country is not just mere words. If you can see the deprecations of what occurred in an African country. A country that was known to be peaceful just saw a little trigger and everything messed. It will take decades to try and resort normalcy”

“To the dead, we cannot bring them back but to those alive, they have to live with the horror of war. Those who have to live with the mental anguish, maimed and perhaps may never be useful to work, those are the things you will never even want to wish for your enemies” she added.

Speaking on being united as one people with a common vision, Madam Nkrumah reminded the gathering that the state is bound to carry out certain interventions which will build national unity.

She stressed that the state through football among other national activities does not only bring people together to achieve a common purpose but also builds a national cohesion with does not leave the state to act in a vacuum.

“The state needs the co-operation of all of us. So, what do we do to also contribute to national peace? At NCCE, one of the mandates of the citizens is to live at peace with one another wherever you are”

Madam Josephine Nkrumah paid a tribute to the Late leader of the Western Togoland Secessionist group, Papavi who passed away few days ago.

“The important thing is that, as human beings, because, we live and work together, we will not always agree. As a human being, we will disagree but the important thing is how, we co-exist in peace, respect each other’s differences, views and still live together” she added.

The Chairperson reminded the gathering that the beauty of every country lies in the diversity of the people living in it.

Madam Nkrumah also noted that the country stands a chance of a collective gains when there is peace and stability as the two were part of the few things inherited from predecessors.

“Without peace, we cannot have political stability, democracy we say we enjoy. Peace is a necessary requisite for our own economic well-being. When there is no peace, can we go to work or enjoy our trade?

She advised the parents and youths not to fall for the ‘cheap talks’ of violent extremists adding that they have nothing good to offer.

She stressed that availing oneself to violent extremists will not only destroy the individual but the entire community.

“Studies suggests that over 70% of people who have converted to violent extremisms have had a negative encounter with security agencies”

She used the occasion urged Ghanaians to stick to the wearing of the nose mask to avoid the spread of the covid-19 virus.

Sharing his thoughts on the need for peace among the various political parties and stakeholders, the Mamprobi Station Officer, Chief Inspector Joseph Yeboah underscored the need for the populace to do away with the activities of vigilantes and their notorious activities in the society.

“Vigilantism is when some groups of people are put together to intimidate others especially people from the opposite political party”

“Anybody who forms a vigilante group in the country and being caught by the Act 999, will be sentence to 10 or 15 years”

He also warned land guards who go about intimidating people to desist from such acts or face the wrath of the law when arrested.

The Chief Inspector commended the people leaving in the Ablekuma Central for exhibiting good behaviours.

On her part, the Regional Director, Greater Accra Region of NCCE, Lucille Hewlett Annan “After the violence happened at the Ayawaso West, the Vigilantism law was passed so that it will curb violence and the law says that no one whether, individual, association, political party can form a vigilante group”

She also mentioned that there are currently no vigilante groups in the country.

“If you form a vigilante group and you are caught, you will spend a closer to 10 or 15 years in jail. If you also join since you didn’t form it or you sponsor them. The vigilante law is like an octopus, wherever, you pass, it will arrest you”

Madam Annan reminded the gathering that no organization will employ person(s) who served jail terms.

She also ceased the opportunity to educate the stakeholders on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

She stressed that although the ADR helps in resolving issues, it is not avenue for settling criminal activities.

“ADRs are very important because it saves people from spending much at the court. Petty issues can be resolved at the ADR but issues such as murder and rape cannot be dealt with at the level of the ADR”

She appealed to the gathering to report to the police any activities of people they suspect in their environments.

She stressed that without reporting such people, those deviants will end up nurturing more youths to partake in their unacceptable behaviours.

Madam Lucille Annan reminded the gathering to always seek permission from the police before blocking major roads in their communities.

She stressed that without a police permit, it is unappropriated for people to take the laws into their hands and do what they like.

The stakeholders shared their thoughts and agreed to allow peace and love lead in their dealings.

Watch the videos and pictures below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith