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24 Year Old Lady Arrested For Raping 4 Year Old Boy

River State Police Command in Nigeria has arrested a 24 year old maid servant after she was caught raping a four old boy near a river.

Intelligence picked up indicates that the little boy who suffered the rape from Easter Emmanuel returned Canada 3 months ago.

Police says the little boy reported to his parents an abnormal pains in his private part and was taken to the hospital, after which was disclosed that he had been molested.

The little boy said "She always makes me put my thing inside her own thing and in my mouth"

He added that she has always been playing with my organ anytime she baths me or when we are both alone.

She had warned him not to disclose it to anyone scaring him with “ojuju” (witches) saying they (witches) will appear and kill him.

Story by: Magdalene Maame Abena Serwaa Asante



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