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  • COVID-19: Western Region Records 4 New Cases

    Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah has confirmed that his region has recorded four new cases of the novel coronavirus pandemic. According to him, although the new cases were imported, this calls for concern among residents in the Constituency. Addressing Journalists, he said "“We have a case at Agona Nkwanta [in Ahanta West Municipal Assembly], one in Effia Kwesimentstim Municipal, one in Mpohor District and one at Ellembelle District. And like I keep saying, the virus is with us, so we must find innovative ways to manage it. One of the luckiest things I’ve realized is that most of our cases are imported, and so it is our responsibility to make sure it does not spread into the communities.” He added the four new cases has increased the counts to 13. Hon. Mensah tasked residents in the region to adhere to the directives from President Akufo-Addo and the guidelines from the Ghana Health Service to ensure the spread reduces in the region. He hinted that the Region is boosting its testing capacities to help deal with cases. “For us, we are trying our best to be ahead of the virus meaning that we have to test more so that we can quickly isolate any case and treat. The medical team are ready to help us in that direction. What is left now is for all of us to be careful about what we do. So, we will continue to stress that we all adhere strictly to the safety protocols” he outlined. In other developments, a Bio-Safety Level 3 Laboratory located in the Western Region Veterinary Services Department says all is set to begin testing of samples of Covid-19 starting May 4. is learning that about 300 samples will be used as a starter before the numbers are increased. Background As it stands, Ghana's case counted stands at 2,719 recorded with 294 recoveries and 18 deaths. Greater Accra Region has the highest number of cases, 1,852; Ashanti Region has 117, Eastern Region stands at 87, Central Region, 21, Oti Region still stands at 19, Upper East Region, 19, Volta Region has 16, 13 for Northern Region, 10 for Upper West Region, 9 for Western Region, Western North Region has 4 and North East Region has 2 cases to its credit. Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

  • Two Traditional Priests In Police Custody For Allegedly Killing A Biochemist consultant

    Two traditional priests are in the custody of the police for allegedly killing a biochemist consultant and siphoning what is suspected to be his blood into a gallon. The deceased Edward Quartey-Papafio, 64, had left his house on January 15, 2020, at about 3:30 am after receiving a phone call. According to the Director-General of the CID, COP Isaac Yeboah, after police investigations, it was discovered that the deceased was last spotted in Adeisu, near Nsawam in the Eastern region. The police intensified investigation, and on April 21, 2020, they arrested suspects Christian Gameli Lawerh alias Power, 36, and Famous Adorkunu alias Scorpion, 37. Both fetish priests hail from the Volta region but reside at Maame Dede near Adeisu. After a search was conducted at their residences, police retrieved two pump action guns, a single barrel gun, together with eleven packets of cartridges from Lawerh’s room. On April 29, both suspects admitted having interacted with the missing person for some time, but he was later shot and killed on January 15, 2020, at their shrine. The suspects reiterated that the deceased was buried at a particular spot within the shrine and led police to the scene. The area was secured for an exhumation order to be granted by the court. On April 30, the police including pathologists and other forensic experts went to Maame Dede and executed the exhumation. The pathologists retrieved the decomposed body from a grave. A second decomposed body whose name the suspect Gameli gave as Kwesi Zomelo also from Kasoa was retrieved from a separate grave. The team later exhumed human parts, hair attachments, bead (belonging to a woman, police suspect), and bones from a third grave within the same perimeter. A decomposed human flesh with bones wrapped in a cloth buried among the bodies was also retrieved from another grave. The team in addition retrieved human skulls together with bones, suspected to be human, hidden under two ‘idols’ in the house. Investigations have so far established that on December 2019, the two conspired to murder Edward Quartey-Papafio, according to police. They are alleged to have lured the deceased to their shrine and succeeded in collecting cash amounting to 10,000 Ghana cedis from him with a promise to fortify the deceased spiritually to enable his company to flourish. On January 15, they invited Quartey-Papafio to the shrine for what they claimed to be the final purification rites but in the process they shot, killed and buried his body. Police say after committing the crime, Lawerh took possession of the deceased’s Itel and Nokia mobile phones and handed them to his third wife, together with a bunch of keys. Police say the second suspect Adorkunu, has confessed that he shot and killed Mr. Quartey-Papafio. He also confessed to killing Zomelo and one of his masons after the deceased demanded money owed him. According to COP Isaac Ken Yeboah, the remains exhumed from the shrine have been deposited at the Police Hospital Mortuary awaiting DNA testing and identification. The suspects have been remanded and are awaiting trial. Source:

  • Jamaica and Ashanti(Akan), One Blood?

    I have always understood that Jamaicans are descendants of enslaved Africans from West Africa & Ghana, and Ashanti in particular, but I never realized just how similar our roots run hundreds of years after slavery. As Brazilians in Salvador de Bahia keep the Yoruba roots of tradition & language alive in modern day Brazil, Jamaican Maroons keep the Ashanti (Akan) traditions & language alive in modern day Jamaica. When Jamaica’s native son Marcus Garvey shouted for Global Africans to return to Africa, many chanted Haile Selassie I &found home & Rastafari roots in Ethiopia while many others celebrated Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah & found freedom in Ghana. Today’s Ghana boast a significant Jamaican community brought & empowered by Rita Marley & the memory & foundation of Bob Marley & Marcus Garvey. Jamaicans & native Ghanaian Rastas have created their own governing & financial empowerment council that boasts a credit union called the black star line catering to the financial empowerment needs of Rastafarians in Ghana. When you walk around Ghana you see Jamaica, from reggae music, to dreadlocks & the culture of Rastafari. I had heard about the Kromanti/Kramanti language in Jamaica which was supposed to sound similar to the Akan languages of Ghana, but I became a true believer when I heard it spoken & found many similar words in Ghanaian Akan languages. Jamaicans like Brazilians have never denied their African roots, but have rather embraced it & used it as a sense of power in knowing who they are & where they came from beyond Jamaica’s sugar cane plantations. With more & more talk amongst African nations about offering our Diasporan brothers & sisters free visas & dual citizenships to come back home to their ancestral roots, perhaps we will all get to learn more about our distant relatives. Many Africans & Diasporans did not know of Haiti‘s history of successful slave rebellion which led them to independence in 1804 even before slavery was abolished in 1807 until the earthquake that brought Haiti new found global press & historical interest, just as many do not know that Jamaican Maroons had their own successful slave rebellion to freedom 50 years before slavery was abolished & long before Toussaint L’Ouverture brought Saint-Domingue out of the shackles of the French & renamed the new land of freed slaves, Haiti. The Maroons of Jamaica have been able to keep their identity & autonomy not only from their former slave masters, but also within Jamaica even til today. The Maroons’ largest town Accompong even has a similar name to Ghana’s Akropong-which is home to one of Ghana’s oldest tribes, the Akuapims & both are ironically located in the hills/mountains of their individual nations. We can not wait nor allow others to tell us our history & to give it to us in small increments as they see fit when knowledge is power & information is available if we truly seek to be empowered by knowledge . “I raved about how much African aesthetic is infused into Jamaican life. You’d think I was visiting the island for the first time, even though I was born here and have barely set foot anywhere else since that sun-hot Wenesday in 1972…The thing is this; African retentions in our culture sometimes get compartmentalized and thought of in ways that seem distant. Yes, over 90% of Jamaicans are black and are direct desendants of the people who came from West Africa, so when we look at each other we see our ancestry…” I remember the first time I went to Jamaica right out of college & met up with two Rasta men who befriended me & took care of me & my friend as community elders do in Ghana. The moment they heard I was from Ghana , I automatically became family & was blessed with eating the best jerk chicken I have ever tasted in my entire life even until today. I have eaten a lot of jerk chicken in Jamaica & other places in the world, but this was hands down the best because from the smell, to the serving of it, to the taste, you could see & feel that it came from the love of family in the way that a home cooked meal outshines even the best highly trained chef. I did not understand back then why these two grown men were so fascinated with asking me every question possible about Ghana & why their desire to go there was so strong until many years later when I witnessed the Jamaican community & influence in Ghana &saw the love that Ghanaians, particularly the youth gave to Jamaican artists who visited & Jamaican citizens who returned back to Ghana to stay because these Ghanaian youth were just as enamored by them & wanted to know everything possible about them & our mutual ancestral global connection. It was truly as Nas & Damian “Junior Gong” Marley put it, distant relatives reuniting on two sides of the Atlantic & getting to know one another again. From Marley, to Tosh, to Sizzla, to Junior Reid, to Buju, to the new generation Marley, Africa & Ghana in particular has always been in the forefront of their life never to take a backseat in heritage or unity! Akwaaba as we continue to keep it strictly Roots! Credit: Amma Sarfo

  • Dome Kwabenya Constituency: "NHIA Office Will Cost GHc1.5 Million" - Hon. Adwoa Safo

    Member of Parliament (MP) for Dome Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo has cut sod for the construction of a One Million and Five Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis (GHc1,500,000.00) National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) District Office in the Constituency. According to her, the new edifice when completed will not only benefit the constituents but the staffs as they will move from the old small office store which made their operations difficult and delivery of services restricted. Addressing Journalists at the sod-cutting ceremony, the MP said "Currently, the existing National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) Office is a sub-office which is a small office store at Dome. This makes operations difficult and the delivery of its services restricted. This constituency is a fast growing metropolitan one with a large population size. Therefore, there is the need to construct a District National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) Office in the constituency to mitigate against the current situation at hand" She added she is confident the construction when completed, will enhance the effective delivery of the health insurance to the masses in a more spacious and properly structured office. The MP further explained the ceremony is to reinforce the broader objective of Government's effort to provide infrastructure for the delivery of effective healthcare nationwide. "Ladies and Gentlemen, as a Member of Parliament who has her constituents health needs at heart, I have registered and renewed NHIA cards for over Seven Hundred Constituents. I have also provided Free Health Screening for Constituents on several occasions. When it comes to construction of Health Centres, I have constructed the Haatso Maternity Clinic" she stressed. On her achievements, Hon. Adwoa Safo explained she has commissioned the Ga East Municipal Hospital, cut sod to commence the construction of Clinical Service and Out Patients Department (OPD) Block at the Abokobi Health Centre. She said "It is my belief that with the construction of this NHIA building, the health needs of constituents will be best served. The contractor of this project is, Messrs Elpizo Enterprise Limited. This project is expected to be completed within Six (6) calendar months" The MP urged the contractor to show immense commitment and hard work for the speedy completion of this project without compromising on quality of the work. Hon. Adwoa Safo says the edifice when completed will have a reception area, general offices, documents control room, MIS office, accounts office, manager’s office, conference room and other amenities including vehicle parking area for patrons. Contractor, Messrs Elpizo Enterprise Limited assured the MP, the project will be completed on time. In other developments, the Member of Parliament also pleaded with Philanthropists, Constituents and Individuals to contribute their quota in the construction of a Fire Service Station in the Constituency She said "This is a collective efforts. I am urging Philanthropists, Constituents and Individuals to contribute their quota so we can build our own Fire Service Station. We cant be depending of Madina and the likes always" Director-In-Charge of Logistics at the Ghana Fire Service, DCFO Nana Brenya commended the MP for the good works adding the construction of a Fire Station will help solve issues of fire outbreaks in the Constituency. He said "Fire is a destroyer although we always say it is a good servant. So the presence of the Fire Station around this area is going to ensure that fires are prevented and even if they come, they are kept at a very minimal level" The construction of the National Health Insurance Authourity (NHIA) District Office in the Dome Kwabenya Constituency will be completed after 6 months. Some shop owners who spoke to said "We have been notified of the construction of an NHIA District Office and Fire Station here. It is good but to ask us to relocate our shop immediately will be a big blow to us. The Municipal Assembly should be a bit patient with us" The MP later presented bags of rice, a galloon of sanitizer, 1 Veronica bucket with its stand, biscuits, washing soaps among other to the mechanics who share a wall with the yet to be constructed NHIA District Office and Fire Station. Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

  • "Mahama Will Deal With Your Situation With Dispatch" - Ofosu Ampofo Assures CACFM Customers

    National Chairman of the largest opposition party, National Democratic Congress (NDC), Samuel Ofosu Ampofo has assured Members of Coalition of Aggrieved Customers of some Fifty-three (53) collapsed Fund Management Companies (CACFM) that their locked-up funds will be refunded when candidate, John Mahama becomes the next President of Ghana. According to him, the Former Head of State when voted into office will deal with their situation with dispatch. Speaking on an Accra-based radio Station on Saturday, he said "The people are suffering and nobody is listening to them. I want to assure them that if Akufo-Addo does not pay them, John Mahama, who is a people scented politician will deal with their situation with dispatch. Their case is not like DKM which is situated in only one region rather into the bank spread across the country" Mr. Ampofo revealed that since it is no fault of the workers, pensioners market women, Government should take a second look at the stimulus package it has for Ghanaians. "These people are suffering as a result of Government collapsing these banks. Some of the customers, a nurse says she said with the bank since she thought she could rely on it in the future after retirement.Now the banks have collapsed and the people are being denied payment of their locked down funds" he stressed. Mr. Ampofo recalled that the Finance Minister claimed the money was ready of which Government was set to pay them. "I listened to the General Secretary of the collapsed Fund Management, I was said. He says they are dying everyday. This time is about survival. Look at the released prisoners, they are not happy because of their release rather they are hungry" he stated. The National Chairman says he is appealing to President Akufo-Addo to look at people adding if those who work are suffering, what then is the fate of millions whose funds are locked up and now can not step out due to Covid-19. Background The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in November last year revoked the licences of some 53 Fund Management Companies over some regulatory breaches. Some customers of the affected companies were taken through a validation process for onwards payment but almost five months down the line, they say they have not been paid. Spokesperson for the Coalition, Charles Nyame said “Government needs to as a matter of urgency need to start disbursement of funds or risk losing the upcoming General Elections. We were made to go through the validation processes from 18th November, 2019 till 15th January, 2020”. He added it has been over three months of which members expected payment but they have not heard anything from SEC. The Spokesperson also revealed they were told by SEC, the claims filed is in an excess of GHc4 Billion of the data it had. Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

  • “Stop Tarnishing My Image With Your Lies” - Mike Oquaye Jnr Warns Adwoa Safo

    Ghana’s High Commissioner to India, His Excellency Mike Oquaye Jnr has sent a strong warning to the sitting Member of Parliament (MP) to stop spreading lies about him. According to him, the sitting MP is using all means possible to paint his opponent black in attempt to lure them from voting for him in the upcoming Parliamentary Primaries in the Constituency. In an interview with, the Ambassador said “There is an apparent attempt by the daughter of Apostle Christo Safo to lie about her opponent. On Friday, May 1, 2020 - a supporter of Adwoa emerged from the Dome Kwabenya Constituency Chairman’s house and was unfortunately hit by a passing motor bike, it was an accident. However a supporter of Adwoa called Alhaji Ibrahim started screaming and shouting at the Top of his voice on the DKC group platforms that the supporters of Oquaye Jnr have knocked down ( Mr Borga NIE) and that all should rush to the house of the Chairman now now now to protect them from such evil people” He added that the false alarm created fear and panic all over the Constituency leaving some residents and constituents worried and angry. His Excellency Mike Oquaye further added follow-ups later revealed the information about the knock down although true was not caused by a member from the Oquaye faction “The person had nothing to do with anyone. It was just an accident. People were so angry that eventually the same Alhaji Ibrahim rescinded his false cry and apologised on the same WhatsApp platforms. Evidence recordings attached” he added. Ghana’s High Commissioner to India says the strategy by Hon. Adwoa Safo is dishonourable and must end. He says since Hon. Adwoa Safo has sensed she is on the verge of losing the seat to him, she is doing everything possible to break him down He said “Desperation is clear. Change is coming to Dome Kwabenya Constituency. The Battle is the Lord’s!” In other developments, His Excellency Mike Oquaye Jnr is calling on the public to debunk claims by Hon. Adwoa Safo that he is after her life. He said “This is politics and we both want the best for the Constituency. We might be in one party contesting for a seat but that does not mean I have to come after your life? What for and why will I have to do that?” Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

  • Kumawood Actor, Bishop Bernard Nyarko Passes On

    Reports coming in indicates that Kumawood Actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko has passed on. The sad news hit social media when Singer, Kokovelli first posted on facebook: “Hmmmm, we just lost a legend. Rest in peace Bishop Nyarko” It is emerging that radio presenter and DJ, Andy Dosty also posted on Instagram: “Oh Lord, I don’t want to believe you’re gone. God be with you my friend” is learning that Bishop Bernard Nyarko had been battling with an acute illness for the past few years. Further reports reveals that a month ago, he was reported to have said he has quit acting and nothing will make him rescind the decision. Late Bishop Nyarko turned into a full-time pastor to spread the word of God and win souls for his Maker. Although unconfirmed, it is emerging that the Ace Actor bid Acting good bye and turned to the disseminating of the word of God after he was hit with an unknown illness. is also learning that the late Bishop, in a viral video was heard telling his congregation that he has decided to follow the steps of actor Majid Michelle, stressing that the movie industry is full of evil. “I have stopped because it’s full of evil. Every day, you would meet different people; every day, you would see different girls" he said. The Late Pastor in one of his video added that some colleague Actors fake to build friendships whiles some of them are from the marine sea. Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

  • World Press Freedom Day: Government Recognizes Significance Of 'Press' In Fight Against Covid-19

    Minister for Information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has revealed as the world celebrates World Freedom Day, the Government of Ghana says it is congratulating all Journalists in the country for their selfless efforts in educating, entertaining and informing the masses. According to him, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, the Government of Ghana is particularly grateful to Journalists for defying the dangers of contracting the novel coronavirus to go the extra length to report and update the populace on new developments. In a statement signed by the Minister and sighted by, the Minister of Information said “As indicated by the Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO), “… at a time when we are mired in worry and uncertainty because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, free information is essential to helping us face, understand, think about and overcome this crisis. We must consider the vital importance of information in this situation; informing the public means giving everyone knowledge of the means of combatting the illness by adopting appropriate practices”. Below is a copy of the press release: Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

  • 3 Music Awards: Sarkodie Bags 5 Awards

    Rapper, Sarkodie has bagged five awards at the just ended 2020 Edition of 3 Music Awards. The Tema Rapper swept the awards at the expense of other tough Artistes in the Ghanaian Music Industry. His followers however took to social media to hail the 'King' for his victory. Born Michael Kwesi Owusu, the Tema Rapper has been exceptional in his career leaving his counterparts racing to catch up with him. Sarkodie won the Music Man of the Year and Hiphop/Hiplife Act of the Year. The Tema-based Rapper also claimed the Fan Army of the Year, amidst Stonebwoy’s Bhim Nation, Shatta Wale’s Shatta Movement and Kofi Kinaata’s Team Move in the same category. The Rapperholic claimed with ease the Best Rap Performance ‘Who Da Man’ which featured Kwesi Arthur. Looking like a one way traffic, Michael Kwesi Owusu was also adjudged with of the Best Collaboration Award which same him sing alongside Efya. Also on the night, Takoradi based Rapper, Martin King Arthur also known in Showbiz as Kofi Kinaata was not left out as he claimed, Song of the Year. King Kofi Arthur also had to his credit, Highlife Song of the Year. His song, 'Things Fall Apart' according to Organisation earned him the two awards. However, Controversial Artiste in Ghana, Charles Nii Mensah popularly known as Shatta Wale in the Ghanaian Music Industry was crowned winner of the Digital Act of the Year category. Founder of the Bhim Nation, Livingstone Etse Satekla known as Stonebwoy managed to bag home the Reggae/Dancehall Act of the Year. In the Gospel Music Cycle, Singer Diana Hamilton was adjudged Gospel Act of the Year Award and Female Act of the Year. Always known for her sensational way of entertaining her fans, Singer, Jane Awindor known by many as Efya, she took home the Best Female Vocalist Award. Meanwhile, Singer, Wendy Addo who is also known in the Ghanaian Music Industry as Wendy Shay could not maintain her Breakthrough Act of the Year Award she claimed last year, losing it to Fameye. Due to President Akufo-Addo's directive on ban on social gathering as a result of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, this year's 3 Music Awards was aired live on some television stations and other social media platforms. Below is a list of the awardee and their category: *GOSPEL SONG OF THE YEAR🏆 Celestine Donkor -Agbebolo( Bread of life) *GOSPEL ACT OF THE YEAR 🏆Diana Hamilton *DIGITAL ACT OF THE YEAR 🏆Shatta wale *HIPLIFE SONG OF THE YEAR 🏆Quamima Mp - Amanfuor ft Medikal *GROUP OF THE YEAR 🏆DopeNation *HIGHLIFE SONG OF THE YEAR 🏆Kofi Kinaata *REGGAE DANCEHALL SONG OF THE YEAR 🏆J.Derobie - Poverty *PRODUCER OF THE YEAR (TECHNICAL)🏆M.O.G BEATZ *SONG OF THE YEAR🏆Kuami Eugene *BEST MALE VOCAL PERFORMANCE 🏆KiDi (Fakye me) *BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE 🏆Efya (Saara) *MALE ACT OF THE YEAR 🏆Sarkodie *FEMALE ACT OF THE YEAR 🏆Diana Hamilton *BREAKTHROUGH ACT OF THE YEAR 🏆Fameye *ALBUM OF OF THE YEAR (TECHNICAL) 🏆"Made In Ghana" Okyeame Kwame *BEST COLLABORATION OF THE YEAR 🏆 Sarkodie ft Rudebwoy *AFRICAN ACT OF THE YEAR 🏆 Teni *DJ OF THE YEAR 🏆 Dj Vyrusky *LIVE PERFORMER OF THE YEAR 🏆 Samini *AFRO BEAT/AFRO POP SONG OF THE YEAR 🏆 Kelvynboy Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith

  • World Health Organisation RefRefuses To Acknowledge Coronavirus Treatment From Madagascar

    World Health Organisation (WHO) has refused to acknowledge the corona virus treatment from Madagascar because "a vaccine is very unlikely to come from Africa", numerous international media have reported. Madagascar stunned the world last week when President Andry Rajoelina launched the miracle "covid-organics" - a herbal tonic, that has helped the country subdue covid-19 and stamp its authority over a global pandemic that has made nonsense of the muscles of France, US, Italy, Spain, UK, & Iran, put together. And in spite of normalcy returning to the island country, and schoolchildren resuming studies following a first of its kind plant-based tonic that's proven effective both in profilaxis, i.e. preventive and curative, WHO says a cure from an African address can't be trusted. The herbal medicine developed by the country's Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (MIAR) contains Artemisia - a plant cultivated on the island and used in the fight against malaria. Madagascar has a land mass of about 587,041sqkm and a population of around 27 million. It reported its index cases on March 23 with 9 confirmed patients and by April 19 had a total of 121 cases, 59 recoveries, and no deaths, as at April 24. It’s been 5 days now and no new case has been recorded in the country. Yet WHO isn't convinced. Their only contention now is that the vaccine is locally made, and African. The argument is no longer whether it produces results. But what exactly is Madagascar doing differently? * Testing and contact tracing is devoid of politics. * Schoolchildren receive compulsorily small doses of the tonic throughout the day, as they prepare to return to school, Wednesday. * The plant-based tonic is also being distributed free to the most vulnerable in the country, and sold at very low prices to others. * Wealthy and financially strong Madagascans, politicians, and legislators, purchase the tonic and make donations as their contribution towards funding more research. * BBC reports scores of locals trooping out to receive the tonic, as no lockdown is in place. * The country hasn't welcome any "outside" assistance. * Their lab scientists, medicine professors, consultants and doctors converged in labs working their socks out, while their counterparts in the rest Africa were dressed in 3-piece suits, tuxedos and pyjamas, drinking choice wines, turning on swivel chairs, watching TV and ordering that as few tests as possible be conducted, so as not to paint their regions black and shame their emperors! * Scientists in the country presented their finding to their President who happily went on national TV and took doses of the syrup, discovered, processed, made and bottled from their research labs. * All proceeds from sales of the medicine is to be pushed back into their science research institutes. Make no mistake! As long as a covid19 vaccine isn't found in the so-called saner climes, WHO may well not okay it! Take it or leave it. I'm not a scientist, but whatever is in those Madagascan bottles, even if it cures a million people a day, won't make sense to WHO, because its African, local and black! Simplicitas. As usual, they want the patent, franchise, and proprietary to be domiciled in some Western address - America, UK, Canada, Israel, Norway and even Latin America. Name them. Don't be deceived! Those guys had already written us off! Long ago. With over 2000 dropping dead daily in the US alone, Melinda Gates could only see dead bodies lining the streets of Africa. It's foolishness. But that mentality isn't new! What bothers me, though, is why African leaders seem to be giving their imprimatur to her doomsday hallucinations. Rubber stamps, if you ask me! You doubt, abi! Ok, why are African heads still yet to rally round Madagascar and give this therapy a global shot? Tell me! The West sure have an agenda, but that agenda can't work without our culpable consent! Africa, please it's time to arise! We fought and won the war against the dreaded Ebola. WHO did not give is any credits and we didn't mind! We will win again, even against covid19. Collectively and in unity. Source: #AI🇳🇬 Disclaimer: The content in this article are words not authored by Management of

  • "Ghana Could Have Won World Cup If I Was Treated Well" - Don Bortey

    Former Accra Hearts of Oak winger, Bernard Don Bortey has revealed that Ghanaians did not help him when he was playing for the national teams. In an interview with Oteng Appau Papin on Onua FM, the Humble Lion, as he was nicknamed, said Ghana could have won the world cup with him if he was handled well. There were a lot of rumours that he was a bad influence in camp and that really affected his career as a footballer. “I am a prophet but people didn’t believe me,” he said. “God brought me here on earth to win trophies for Ghana. Whatever, I say I would do, I make sure it’s done, in one of the matches that I played. “I predicted I would score four goals and it came to pass. It is not easy to score four goals in one game,” he recounted. According to him, he started playing for the Black Stars with great players like Sam Johnson and Augustine Arhinful and was not afraid of being in camp with them because he was confident. Dada Don Bortey aside playing for Accra Hearts of Oak in Ghana, played for Santos FC in South Africa and Panthers in Equatorial Guinea at club level. He also played at all levels of the national teams. Source: 3 News

  • "Debunk Their Fake Allegations, Plots To Distabilise NDC" - Former Chairman Refutes Allegation

    The Immediate Past Chairman of the Effutu Constituency of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Paa Nii Lamptey has denied allegations that he orchestrated attacks on some aggrieved suspended members of the Party. In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Winneba, Paa Nii Lamptey described the allegations as false and a plot to destabilise the Party, which was advancing for victory in this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections. He said on Wednesday, April 22, he received a call from some members of the Party that a group of suspended members had decided to hold a press conference to express displeasure on the manner they were suspended and to protest the candidature of Dr James Kofi Annan to lead the Party in the Constituency. He said considering the COVID-19 directives on movement and public gatherings, he advised against the conference and alerted the police in order not to be seen as violating the President’s directive. The NDC, he noted, had a Constitution, which regulated affairs of its members and allowing them to hold the conference would not augur well for the Party. Paa Nii Lamptey said he made a report to the police and while at the Party office with the station officer, information reached them that the group was at a nearby church holding the press conference without observing the Government’s directives. “As a result some of the police went there to enforce the social gathering protocol because of their numbers but on seeing the police, they dispersed.” He questioned how a person who was championing the welfare of the people and the image of the Party would orchestrate attacks on members adding that the Police were his witnesses. Source: GNA

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