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Zoomlion And Jospong Group Donates Food Items To Victims Of Appiatse Explosion (PICS)

The Management of Waste Management Giant, Zoomlion and Jospong Group of Companies have donated food items to victims of the Appiatse Explosion.

According to them, the food items serves as part of their widows mite in supporting the victims.

Leading the team, the Chief Corporate Communications Officer of Jospong Group of Companies, Sophia Lisa said "We are all witnesses to the unfortunate incident that happened in our country about a month ago"

"We have been trying but we had to know what exactly you needed. We realised that lots of people are coming but we had to be clear on what you needed"

"So our Executive Chairman himself pushed us and we had to contact you to know what exactly will be needed"

"Today we are here in the name of the Jospong Group of Companies including Zoomlion and other subsidiaries brought some items based on the request you made and also we added few others which will also be needed.

The items presented included rice, gari beans, exercise books for the children, buckets and liquid soaps as well as sanitisers.

"Jospong Group of Companies including Zoomlion have been going round the country supporting with disinfection during the outbreak of covid and unfortunately this situation happens and we think that as a company that has operations across the country and as an indigenous company, it is right that we also come and commensurate with the families and the entire community and see how we can comfort them with the little that we have"

The team from Zoomlion and Jospong Group also prayed for the victims of the Appiatse Explosion.

The Western Regional Manager for Western Waste, Pastor Danso said "We are in to improve the lives of the people so we thought that once this has come, it is a golden opportunity to show our widow's mite as far as the disaster is concerned"

"These items are not the only items we brought. We initially brought a communal container that is supposed to take care of the waste situation of the community and our workers are also around to support as far as the cleaning of the community is concerned"

"We have been with them from the onset of this disaster

Receiving the items, Chief of Bepoh, Nana Atta Kojo Beremebi II thanked the Jospong Group of Companies for their kind gesture.

He assured that the items will be used for its intended purposes.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Prestea Huni Valley, Isaac Dasomani said "First of all, we want to thank the Jospong Group of Companies and looking at the items, they are many and we are are going to make sure that the items are distributed fairly to all the victims.

"Since the incident happened, lots if people have donated items among donations and so far, we have shared amongst the people. They have started doing their own cooking among others"

He also told that data of the items and donations are being taken adding that it helps them to know who and who have not received their share.

"So when look at these items, we are going to make sure that we distribute it to them and also make sure that they are intact because if you look around, there are lots of relief items" he added.

"Our biggest challenge is how we are conveying the school kids to the Bogoso township because when the incident happened, we have relocated them to the camp here and the children have to go to school"

"We have rented a mini bus that always takes GHc500 a day, so you can see that it is not sustainable. So we are appealing to Ghanaians or anyone who has a mini van and can donate it to us to carry the kids to school, we will be grateful"

He stressed that once the mini van arrives, the Municipal Assembly will take it upon itself to sponsor the purchasing of fuel.

Officials who represented Zoomlion and Jospong Group of Companies include Sophia Lisa (Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Jospong Group of Companies), Emma Adwoa Appiah (Communication and Corporate Affairs Director, Zoomlion), Abdulai Abdullah (Western Regional Manager for Western Waste), Thomas Korley (Zoomlion Foundation Manager), Mr. Jeff (Communications Department) and Pastor Danso.

Below are some pictures:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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