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Zipline Services Positively Impacting Health Delivery In Volta Region (PICS)

Healthcare professionals in the Volta Region, specifically the Central Tongu district, have recounted the positive impact the services of Zipline has had on healthcare delivery.

This comes after about a year since the company began operations from the Anum center.

The Anum distribution center of Zipline currently delivers medicines, vaccines and blood products to over 350 health facilities in both the Volta and the Eastern Regions.

Some health professionals, during a recent media tour to access the operations of Zipline, say there has been a significant improvement in the overall health delivery and disease control in the district as a result of the “fast, reliable and dependable” deliveries of Zipline.

A Senior Enrolled nurse at the Kpoviadzi Health Center, Aisha Naa Kwamaah, revealed that the decision of the government to partner Zipline is a worthwhile one as this has come to reduce many of the challenges they had witnessed in the past.

“I must say that health delivery in this area [Kpoviadzi] has seen a very significant improvement. Attendance at our health facility has increased as many of the residents now know we will not refer them to other secondary facilities as a result of non-availability of medical commodities. Even if we don’t have a particular medicine to prescribe, we can call Zipline who will definitely deliver within thirty minutes. We also do not have to travel long kilometers to Adidome for medicine as we used to"

Aisha added; “Aside the improvements in health outcomes, their services has helped in reducing the time spent to access healthcare. We do not have to necessarily wait for the regular requisitions to the district capital before we work. Our previous way of using commercial vehicles to bring medical supplies has also drastically reduced”.

The Disease Control Officer at the Central Tongu District Health Directorate, Vera Nyamata said her work in the region has seen great improvements as a result of the partnership.

“Zipline has made our work towards reducing disease prevalence in the district very productive. We no longer panic when there is an outbreak of diseases because we are able to make multiple vaccine requests from Zipline and they are delivered to us faster. Within riverine communities where snake bites are more prevalent, the Zipline invention has seen us stock the health facilities there with enough anti-snake venom serums which are administered anytime we receive patients who have suffered snake bites”.

A Principal Health Nurse at the Kpoviadzi Health Center, Mercy Dugbenu was full of praise for the government since, according to her, the choice of partnering Zipline is a bold one that is delivering real results, particularly for those in remote areas.

The Community Lead for Zipline in Anum, Magdaline Awushi Bukudah, told the media that the company has delivered over 1.3 million units of medical commodities, vaccines, and blood units just within a year of launching this center.

“There is no doubt that our services are truly making the desired impact in the communities where we serve. We appreciate the government and all other stakeholders who have given us the required social license to operate; we remain committed to our core mandate of not letting anyone behind in access to critical commodities when they need them the most"

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