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"You’re Not A True Christian If You Don’t Drink Alcohol" – CEO of GIHOC Distilleries

The Chief Executive Officer of GIHOC Distilleries, Maxwell Kofi Jumah has claimed that every Christian drinks alcohol.

According to him, one cannot claim to be a Christian without drinking alcohol because during the last supper of Jesus Christ, as written in the Gospel, he [Jesus] asked his disciples to drink wine to remember him. “So, no Christian can claim he or she does not drink alcohol. He did not say you should drink to booze but drink to remember him,” Maxwell Kofi Jumah explained in an interview with Accra-based Okay FM on Thursday, April 21, 2022. He dismissed the argument that there is alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine. Jumah said, “there is nothing in this world called non-alcoholic wine. If it is non-alcoholic wine, then it is called fruit juice; so, don’t pollute the minds of people. “There is nothing in this world called wine which is not alcoholic. Every wine is a fruit juice that has fermented. “There is nothing in this world called non-alcoholic wine; when a fruit juice ferments we call it wine, so, people should stop lying to themselves,” he reiterated.

Credit: News Desk Report



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