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'You’re A Hypocrite" – Kwaku Annan Attacks Kennedy Agyapong For Sacking Him

Kwaku Annan has finally responded to the viral video of Kennedy Agyapong publicly humiliating and disclosing that he has sacked him from NET 2 TV.

According to Kennedy Agyapong in the trending video, he sacked Kwaku Annan for insulting Dr Bawumia in one of his Youtube videos. The former NET 2 employee has also angrily to boldly tell the MP to go to Hell with his arrogance and hypocrisy. According to pained and irate Kwaku Annan, Kennedy Agyapong is a big-time hypocrite because he was the same person who cheered him on anytime he insulted former president John Mahama.

Kwaku Annan also called out Kennedy Agyapong for insulting his political foes but he’s now trying to portray himself as a saint.

As emphatically stated by Kwaku Annan, Kennedy Agyapong should bow his head in shame because the Dr Bawumia he’s defending is the same person who attacked and insulted John Mahama unprovoked when his part was in opposition. He additionally questioned Kennedy Agyapong if he’s happy with how Dr Bawumia and the ruling NPP government are managing the affairs of the country.

Story by: Peter Quao Adattor



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