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You have made Shatta Wale use money to turn you into a fool- Sally Mann fires Sammy Flex

Controversial entertainment pundit, Sally Mann has taken a swipe at Sammy Flex, the current manager of self-acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale.

Sally Mann claims she respected Sammy Flex so much, however, the story has changed ever since the latter began to work as the manager for the dancehall musician.

According to her, before Sammy Flex became Shatta Wale’s manager, he had good morals and was respected by all and sundry.

Sally Mann noted that Shatta Wale has always been a dictator, so, she thought without any equivocation that Sammy Flex would be able to change the dancehall musician, but he has stooped too low for Shatta Wale to use money to turn him into something else.

“When I heard Sammy Flex was Shatta Wale’s new manager, I was like, wow! Finally, a sensible guy is going to that tyrant’s camp. Because Shatta Wale is a military dictator. I was happy that somebody like Sammy Flex who is sensible is going to that camp to represent the media”, she said.

“I thought Sammy Flex was sensible because he owned a newspaper, he was also a pundit.

He was also given a platform at ClassFM to lead huge morning show discussions. So, I respected the fact that he has worked through the ranks to get to where he is”, she added.

“I never knew that when money exchanges hands, when money enters people’s pockets, they throw away their morals. Not everyone is like that, I am not like that”, Sally Mann stated.

Sally Mann in furtherance added

“You can offer me billions and I will still say what I want to say about you. This so-called manager labeled his earlier talk, a love letter to Andy Dosty, I am also labeling mine as a piece of brotherly advice. This is what I want to tell that manager"

He was not able to tame me, so he shouldn’t expect anybody to tame me”.

Credit: GhPage



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