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"You cannot tarnish the image of a man God has raised" – MOG replies critics of his LGBTQI comment

Award-winning Gospel musician MOG has responded to criticisms regarding his comment on the Presidential assent of the Anti-LGBTQI bill.

In an interview on UTV last Friday, MOG refused to publicly state his stance on the final assenting of the bill to protect his image as a gospel musician.

Hours after his comment the musician received backlashes for passing such a comment particularly due to his faith as a Christian.

But speaking on TV3’s New Day, he said although he was clear in his comment, critics misquoted him just to attack his personality.

“People must eat so they have to sell bad news but definitely you cannot tarnish the image of a man that God has raised,” he said on Wednesday, March 13.

MOG clarified that his comment was in relation to the assent of the bill and its Supreme Court matters arising and not on the activities of LGBTQI.

He stated that he is still a Christian with strong faith in God and cannot go against the scripture’s stance on LGBTQI activities.

“I am a Christian and stand with the scripture. I am not going to go against my faith and do something that is wrong. I just want to set the record straight that MOG has not failed to stand as a Christian, I believe in God and will not go against my faith,” he stressed on Wednesday, March 13.

The Anti-LGBTQI bill is currently waiting President Akufo-Addo’s assent to finally be implemented into law.

Meanwhile, a Ghanaian citizen has also filed a suit at the Supreme Court to prevent the President from assenting to the bill.

Richard Dela Sky is of the view that the bill violates Article 33(5) of the Constitution of 1992, as well as the provisions of Articles 12(1) and (2), 15(1), 17(1) and (2), 18(2), and 21(1) (a) (b) (d) and (e) of the Constitution.

Credit: 3news



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