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"Year of roads not witnessed in Madina" - Madina MP

Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina Constituency, Lawyer Francis Xavier Kojo Sosu has expressed worry over the slow pace of the Akufo-Addo administration's year of road promises.

According to the MP, the year of roads agenda has not been witnessed in his Constituency.

In a communique sighted by, he said "Roads in Madina link goods and persons to various parts of the capital and country, and contribute meaningfully to national development"

The MP who doubles as a lawyer also hinted that the Oyarifa, Danfa-Kweiman-Ayimensah Roads connect goods and persons to the Eastern Region of Ghana.

He noted the it povides alternate route to individuals, motorists and tourists who wish to travel for business, tourism, relaxation, and other purposes.

Explaining further, he said "It will be recalled that the Government in the 2021 and 2022 Budget Statements declared the Year of Roads and Second Year of Roads, allocating GHc952,587,681 and GHc1,735,272,000 respectively"

He mentioned the inspite of these, Madina is yet to witness its fair share of developmental projects.

"From the much-touted One District One Factory (1D1F) to Planting for Food and Jobs (PFJ Programme), to 1 District 1 Warehouse, and Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Project (IPEP), Madina is yet to see real and meaningful development under this Administration"

He stressed that improved road infrastructure would increase attractiveness of Madina, stimulate economic activities, attract new investments and businesses, which would lead to increased employment opportunities for people leaving in there.

"Many businesses would locate to Madina and new ones would emerge when our roads get the needed facelift. This would also open inaccessible sites for development and ensure overall development of Madina"

"While the importance of road infrastructure is limited to Madina Constituency, as the Member of Parliament, it has become necessary for me to raise these concerns so central government through the Ministry of Roads and Highways, and Department of Urban and Feeder Roads can take urgent actions and necessary measures to fix Madina Roads"


The MP added that if Central government, which controls the public purse and all funds available for roads and drainages really wish to build Ghana and for that matter municipalities like La-Nkwantanang-Madina, its measuring rod would be ensuring rising standards of living for the population, increased investments in factories and basic infrastructure such as road network and drains in a well-coordinated and properly planned use of land and other natural resources.


Lawyer Sosu stressed that it is indeed deeply sad and disappointing for him first as a Ghanaian, and secondly as representative of the people adding, he berated the poor nature and state of roads and infrastructure projects in Madina. 


Touching on doubled population presents increased pressure on infrastructure, the MP said "According to the 2010 Population and Housing Census, the population of Madina was 111,926, with 54,271 males and 57,655 females"

He, however stated that the recent Population and Housing Census recorded by the Ghana Statistical Service shows a population of 244,676 comprising 120,846 males and 123,830 females, representing an increase of 119%.


This, he mentioned, has resulted in increased pressure on available infrastructure.

"Over the years, the population of Madina has more than doubled, meanwhile available infrastructure remains the same. Thus, there is the need for expansion of social amenities such as electricity, water, and drainage systems to provide the necessary support for the expanded numbers"


Highlighting on Madina facing stalled infrastructure projects, the MP explained that in recent years, roads and drainage projects in Madina have stalled despite being awarded on contracts.

He further added that roads from Teiman to Kponkpo through burger town, Teiman to Abokobi, Teiman to Oyarifa in the Teiman electoral area, the Ayi-Mensah, Kweiman, Danfa, Adoteiman and Otinibi road are in complete tartars.

"Tatana North and South area roads and Nkwantanang East and West community roads and substantial part of Adentan New Site roads have all stalled"


Similarly, drainage projects ranging from 0.08kilometres of outfall drains to 13kilometres of 0.6metres concrete u-drains are all yet to be constructed.

An urgent question filed to the Minister of Roads and Highways as well as tour of his Constituency during the recent recess further revealed that contractors who have been awarded contracts are not on site for most of these roads and drainage projects in Madina.

"Indeed, all efforts to get these Contractors on site including demonstration for roads which I led to put pressure on the government to get the roads fixed have all proved futile"

"The recent torrential downpours have exacerbated the issue, causing further inconvenience and displeasure for residents of Madina, leading to the death  two persons recently, and most persons trapped in their homes after a rainstorm"


The MP noted that, all across the world, roads make a crucial contribution to economic development and growth and bring important social benefits.

He explained that they are of vital importance in order to make a nation and society grow and develop.

Layer Francis Sosu poited out that the absence of road projects at Madina highlights the extent of transformation and development the people have witnessed since the inception of this Administration.

"Madina Constituency is therefore calling on H.E. the President and his Representatives, the Minister for Roads and Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), to fulfil their pledge and mandate to the people by fixing the Roads, Drainages and other Development projects in Madina. Madina deserves its own fair share of development"

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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