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Wladimir Klitschko Condemns ‘Reckless And Deadly Imperialism’ Amid Russia-Ukraine Invasion (PICS)

Wladimir Klitschko is among the Ukrainian celebrities who have condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, branding it ‘reckless imperialism’.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his military to move in on Ukraine overnight, launching a campaign of heavy missile airstrikes before approaching the capital of Kyiv this afternoon.

Leading outcry in Ukraine, former boxer Wladimir wrote in a tweet on Wednesday: ‘The world is watching how reckless and deadly imperialism is, not just for #Ukraine but the whole world. Let history be a lesson to not be repeated.’ The 45-year-old former heavyweight champion also joined his older brother Vitali Klitschko, who is Mayor of Kyiv, in a video message calling for the world to stand with Ukraine. With Wladimir beside him, Mayor Vitali said: ‘I’m calling to all international partners to observe this tragedy that is happening nowadays in Ukraine and this senseless war which is not going to have any winners or losers. I just want to tell you we must stay united against this aggression, this Russian aggression.

‘Don’t let it continue happening in Ukraine, don’t let it happen in Europe and eventually in the world.’ Wladimir Klitschko called for the world to stand with Ukraine.

The former boxer led reactions from Ukrainian celebrities to the invasion. United we’re strong. Support Ukraine, thank you,’ he concluded.

It was reported this afternoon that Ukraine was being hit by a second wave of missile strikes, which were heard in several cities.

Footage shows a military warehouse near Odessa being obliterated while another video appears to show a number of Russian helicopters attempting to seize Antonov Airport. A second wave of missile airstrikes has been reported in Ukraine. Russian military moved in on Ukraine territory overnight.

The strikes come after Ukraine’s border force confirmed a checkpoint between the Kyiv region and Belarus had been overrun by Russian forces.

Troops and tanks have entered the Vilcha crossing, which lies less than a 100 miles north of the capital on a road which runs directly to the city.

Ukrainian police have asked citizens to be on the lookout for Russian agents operating inside the country, saying ‘special attention should be paid to people with elements of red colour on their clothes’.

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