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"Winning foreign contracts through Int'l bidding takes more meticulous preparation" - Samuel Dentu

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Samuel Dentu says winning foreign contracts through International competitive bidding takes a lot more grit and meticulous preparation in all aspects of the bidding process.

He made these remarks while addressing some Tech Start-ups under the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at an ICT training programme held in Accra on Wednesday.

He said "Winning foreign contracts through International bidding takes a lot more meticulous preparation in aspect of the bidding process"

"Today's business concern is competing against major global players. The competition is even even more pronounced when the radar is placed on the trade in services"

The ICT training was aimed at boosting the confidence of local SMEs in International bidding and help secure huge business deals for themselves and country.

"We have successfully provided this support to firms in IT and Education sector over the last couple of years"

"We are fervently also in the process incorporating data from service sector in the NTE portfolio. This action will inform policy and provide a clear strategic direction to the sector"

"We urge you to provide the necessary export data on IT services when we call on you for such support"

He also noted that in order to compete favourably on the global scene, it was imperative that actors need to have requisite knowledge in International best business practices.

GEPA stressed that in order to augment knowledge gained from the ICT training, it will organise such capacity building programmes through its school.

He added that Ghana was well positioned to take the lead when it comes to the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

"We are doing very well in the area of goods. We need to just be prepared to take Africa by storm as far as trading services are concerned"

On his part, President of Ghana Institute of Procurement and Supply (GIPS) said "This training is to boost the confidence of our local SMEs to go in for International bids. Bidding International means you have to acquire some skills and expertise in preparing the tender documents"

"We will be touching on 'Preparation of winnable bids, Specification Development, understanding International biddibg processes"

He added that most of the Ghanaian Institutions are not able to compete in bid in International procurement or Donor funded procurement.

He cited rigid and strict requirements as a major challenge faced by local SMEs when attempting to bid Internationally.

"For us as an Institute; we will try and ensure that in participating in International bids, you are aware of the requirements"

Mr. Annan further expressed worry over the low or little attempts by local SMEs on International bidding.

"International procurement or bid is a fair and competitive playing ground and for that matter, if you prepare your documents well and also understand the requirements, it is likely that you will win"

He appealed to SMEs in ICT to challenge themselves and attempt International bidding.

"The impact of procurement to our national economy. Procurement is what is going to move us from where we are now, to the next level"

"If we are going to focus on the strategic aspect of procurement, by ensuring that we empower the SMEs through the procurement that we do and what government buys then ofcourse the SMEs is going to improve"

"Africa especially Ghana, we export cash because our economy is import dependent. 90% to 95% of what we consume are imported and for that matter, all the cash goes out and we bring in goods"

"At what point will we stop? I think this training is also trying to ensure that the people here understand how they can ensure that procurement and supply chain is done properly"

National Project Coordinator, Netherlands Trust Fund (NTF) V Ghana Tech Project, Isaac Newton Acquah noted that he was confident the local SMEs will expand outside the country.

He cited access to market as a major challenge been faced by Tech Start-ups in Ghana.

He challenged Ghanaian Tech Start-ups to up their game in order to clock more lucrative International deals.

The ICT training programme was organised by GEPA in collaboration with International Trades Centre under the Netherlands Trust Fund V.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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