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Week-old baby abducted from Zebilla District Hospital under mysterious circumstances

Zebilla District Hospital in the Upper East Region was thrown into turmoil following the shocking disappearance of a week-old baby from the maternity ward.

The incident, which occurred under bizarre circumstances, has left staff and patients in distress.

In an exclusive interview with Starr News' affiliate Zebs FM, Madam Zangina Grace, a midwife on duty, recounted the unsettling events.

She revealed that the baby was born via Cesarean section on May 25, 2024.

On Saturday evening, the baby's mother, Felicia Paul Dery, befriended a woman who posed as a relative of another patient.

Trusting the imposter, the mother handed over her baby to the woman while she went to take a bath.

Tragically, when the mother returned, both the woman and a male accomplice were nowhere to be found, having vanished with the newborn.

"When she returned, the man and the lady were not to be found. They left with the baby. So it has been very sad," recounted Madam Grace.

Dr. Ayobi Abdul-Rahaman, the hospital's medical superintendent, confirmed the abduction and stated that the police were promptly informed.

He disclosed that there are leads which might aid in apprehending the kidnappers and expressed optimism about the potential for a swift resolution.

However, Dr. Ayobi expressed concern over the blatant disregard for the hospital's visitation and security policies by some clients, which may have contributed to the incident.

"This unfortunate event highlights the need for stricter adherence to security protocols," he stated.

The hospital management is scheduled to convene a meeting to discuss measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

The heartbroken mother, Felicia Paul Dery, who is barely able to speak, has made a heartfelt plea to the public for assistance in locating her missing baby.

"Please, help me find my baby," she implored.

The incident has raised serious questions about hospital security and the safety of newborns, prompting calls for immediate action to ensure such an incident does not recur.

As investigations continue, the community remains on high alert, hoping for the safe return of the abducted infant.

Credit: Starrfm



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