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"We Want To Promote Sub-Saharan African Countries In Turkey" - WCI Forum

The Leadership of the World Cooperation Industries Forum (WCI Forum) says it is looking forward promote businesses of Sub-Saharan African Countries in Turkey.

According to WCI Forum, promoting African businesses will help bridge the gap between Turkey and Africa.

Speaking at a media launch in Accra on Tuesday, President of WCI Forum, Utku Bengisu said "WCI is an international business in Turkey. It is a multi-sector forum which discovers a lot. We want to propose to economy and trade facilities of Sub-Saharan African Countries"

"We want to promote Sub-Saharan African Countries in Turkey because, our country is big and have more than 4 million companies in Turkey"

He added that Turkey's population sits at 85 million while it is the 19th biggest economy in the world.

He also revealed that Turkey's export last year reached a target of $225 million USD.

"So Turkey got a new hub of technology to raise investments and we are at a strategic location in the world and we are very close to Africa and also Europe"

Mr. Bengisu also revealed that most African countries have started collaborating with Turkey on different markets.

He noted that more than 10,000 African countries are making it following the collaboration.

"In 2003, Turkish Embassies that were operating in Africa were small but now we are operating in 44 African countries. Turkish Airlines are operating in 63 African Sub-Saharan countries"

He revealed that Turkey's investments in Africa now stands at 7 billion.

"There are more more than 200 Turkish companies in Ethiopia and they are manufacturing companies. They are are into furniture, manufacturing, food among other companies. We are looking for entrepreneurs"

Mr. Bengisu revealed that there are over 4 million Turkish companies who are looking for trade partners in Africa.

He added that these Turkish companies are not only seeking for trade partners but also discover business opportunities.

Explaining further, he hinted that there will be an International Business Forum from the 21st to 22nd July in Accra which seek to bring over 51 Turkish business to Ghana.

"They are into multi-sector, furniture, construction, automotive, design, textile, steel iron and other sectors. We are looking at promoting manufacturing which are of high Turkish quality" he concluded.

Below are some pictures:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith and Derick Ampadu



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