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“We've to put all strategies in place if we want to switch to clean cooking” -Policy Analyst to NPA

Updated: Dec 18, 2023


 A Policy Analyst with Africa Centre for Energy Policy, Roselyn Mawufemor Fiagbe says Ghana cannot switch to clean cooking if it fails to put in place all the necessary strategies which will foster a smooth transition in the Energy sector.


She made these remarks while speaking at the Ghana Energy Sector Transformation Initiative Project (GESTIP) citizen engagement meeting held in Accra on Friday.


She said “On NPA’s CRM Agenda, she said “If we want to move into clean cooking, then we have to put in all the strategies in place and looking at the LPG, that has to do with the use meters at homes; it means it is not going to be accessible to everyone whereby moving into clean cooking, we are saying that it should be accessible to all”


“So if you are not able to fill your cylinder to GHc300 or GHc400, then it means you will be eft out”


“They also mentioned that one can afford what he or she can afford. If one purchases GHc10 or GHc20 LPG, what can it cook?”


“The regulations they are talking about is not well defined and not going to favour all. That limitation is still going to be there, then that means that the clean cooking that we want to access, cannot be achieved. We have to relook at the component of the CRM that they are talking about. Some of the cooking stoves that they displayed, they were not to clear t the audience. They tried to explain the different types of cooking stoves but they were not too clear.”


“If we are talking about clean cooking, those stoves cannot be used for LPG. If we are looking at the bigger picture, we must look at the angle at which, it c9⁹an benefit everyone not just a portion of the population. It needs to benefit everyone and we must work on this clean cooking very well. I think NPA has to still do their study and also sensitization very well to the understanding of the general population”


“They have to do detailed work, more research, pro and cons of this CRM thing. Not that we want to move into clean cooking so they just portray it to the public like that without really defining what the objectives of the project are”

On the side of the ECG stolen meters, she added that there should be a mechanized system that would block the use of any stolen meter from one location to another.


On their part, Experts from various Institutions under the Energy Sector underscored the need for the general public to embrace clean cooking.


They further explained that clean cooking will not cause danger to the environment.


Explaining the e-billing system; Manager, Network Planning and Development at NEDCo, Saed Tampori said “The essence of this was to support NEDCo define an action plan that will improve its revenue cycle”


“The scope was first to analyze our operation, revenue collection, identify gaps and address some action plans.


“We have to improve or install smart metering systems. We have also implemented loss monitoring team which regularly follows up, monitor the meter and ensure that customers are not bypassing the meters and are paying for the yet”

The citizen engagement meeting which was organised by the Ministry of Energy sought to strengthen the capacity of the Energy sector to implement sector reforms and improve energy sector planing as well as coordination.

The engagement brought under one umbrella some industry players in the field of Enery among others and a section of the general public.


Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith                                            




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