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"We're Here Because Of Your Endless Love" - Children Celebrate Mother For Sacrificing Everything

In the past, it was often claimed that people living in Zongos did not take the education of their children serious, with many who grew up in these areas ending up living their lives in abject poverty.

Zongo children grew up with little or no life opportunities, with many not being able to complete their second education.

Today, the narrative has changed, as many parents vowed to sacrifice everything to see their wards’ live better lives, different from theirs.

One of such parents was Auntie Salamatu, known popularly as Mma Amina, a peasant trader who operated a table-top business around the Kawokudi Public Toilet in Accra several years ago.

She, like many other parents, vowed to see all her six children attain the highest level of education and become roles model not just to kids living in Zongo communities but Ghana at large.

Auntie Salamatu, popularly known as Mma Amina sold fruits, gari and roasted groundnut but this was the business she was determined to do, to achieve her dream.

She sacrificed day and night with support from her husband, now late, who just like her, earned little from his watchman job.

Their meager finances did not deter Mma Amina from working extra to save for as much as she could to pay for her wards’ education until all six of them successfully climbed the education ladder.

Today, all six of her children are either gainfully employed or at the highest level of their education.

Three of them are security officers working for the Ghana Police Service and Ghana Prisons Service.

She also has one working as a nurse with the Ghana Health Service and another as an Aluminum Fabricator.

The last of them is a level 400 student of the Islamic University College.

Mmaa Amina has stopped her business and is now enjoying the fuirts of her Labour, after several years of sacrifice.

This week, beautiful pictures of her and her children dressed in the uniforms of their various professions have trended on social media with many celebrating her as an icon of Zongo.

One of her children, Mariam Kombate Mohammed who posted the beautiful pictures of their photo shoot with her, wrote “The reality of the charcoal seller’s son will one day wear white attire🙏Here we are today because of your endless love and support mum.

This picture would have been perfect with dad sitting by you. But then, we can not question Allah. May Allah forgive and grant my dad the highest rank in Jannah.Allah isn’t done with us yet”.

Source: Mumuni Yunus



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