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"We're Disappointed In The Police, They Can't Guarantee Our Safety" -Devtraco Residents(Videos/Pics)

Some angry residents of Devtraco Estates, a gated community in Community 25, Tema have expressed disappointment in the Police Officers stationed at their residence saying their lives cannot be protected.

According to the residents, they have suffered numerous robbery cases adding the police officers have not been able to arrest the culprits.

In an exclusive interview with Thinknewsonline.com, the leader of the residents, Oga Wise said " We have lived here for long and we have our properties here. We have experienced lots of robberies but the police officers have not been able to make even one arrest"

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The call comes after a suspected armed robber who attempted to rob a resident in the Estate was arrested by the neighbor of the victim.

"So yesterday, my brother here, Philemon was at home and he heard an unusual sound from his neighbor's house. He then saw the suspect walk out of the house to his car and returned to the house again"

"Philemon after monitoring the suspect for 30 minutes, mastered courage and approached the suspect but he's sat in his car and sped off"

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Oga Wise further explained that Philemon called his neighbor and inquired whether he had sent someone to his residents but the victim said no.

"Philemon got into his car and gave the suspect a hot chase but to the surprise of Philemon, the suspect drove through the Estates for close to 1 hour before Philemon and the boys could apprehend him. Meaning he has been monitoring us for long"

Oga Wise however vented his anger on the CID at the station accusing him of being in bed with the suspect.

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"As at the time that the suspect was arrested, he was in blue jeans and a long sleeves shirt but this morning when I got to the station, he was in a polo shirt and a pair of black jeans. I questioned the office and he said that was what the suspect wore when he was arrested. The CID has compromised the case and I am leveling a charge against him" Oga Wise fumed.

The leader of the group also hinted that the suspect has been on the radar of the residents for long as a CCTV camera in the area captured him a year ago breaking into the residence of another resident.

"The guy is a thief. He is the same person who robbed us a year ago. We have been looking for him for a long. As to how he entered the Estate baffles me. He used one of the gates which are not opened to all. He bribed the guard at the gate with the excuse of being a movie director and that he wants to survey the hood for a music video shoot"

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Thinknewsonline.com can confirm that tempers rose so high as the suspect before being transported to the Prampram Police Station, exchanged words with his victim saying "What at all do you have that I will come and rob you"

On the journey to the Prampram Police Commander's office, Oga Wise sped off, crossed, and stopped the vehicle transporting the suspect to the station, seizing their mobile phones and demanding that the suspect be handcuffed.

At the Prampram Police Station, the Police Commander, DSP Cantona handed the case over to another CID after the victim accused the CID, whose name was given as Agbey as being in bed with the criminal.

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Although the suspect admitted to storming the Estates, he, however, denied allegations that he came there to rob.

At the Prampram Police Station, the suspect got into an exchange of words with his victim of which took the timely intervention of the fully armed police officers to separate the two from fighting.

Back at the Devtraco Police Station, Oga Wise appealed to the Divisional Commander, Washington Follie to investigate his CID, Agbe adding that the Officer is a disgrace to the service.

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"Investigate your CID. He is a disgrace to the Police Service. He can't be trusted. His behavior and response to issues make him a suspect himself. He is so confused"

"How can a Civilian manage to arrest a thief and as an officer, you seem to be playing with the case. Agbe needs to be probed. He might know something we don't know" he added.

Divisional Commander, Devtraco Police Station Washington Follie assured the residents that his men will not rest until the truth is revealed appealed to the residents to exercise patience on the Officers adding that venting their anger on the policemen and women in their line of duty ends up distracting them.

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Below are pictures and videos:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith