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WATCH: “Fix Our Roads Or Forget Election 2020” – Mempemehuasem Residents Warns Gov't (Videos+Pics)

Though the Akufo-Addo administration has tagged 2020 as a “Year Of Roads,” signifying a clear intent to embark on an aggressive road development across the country, residents living in ‘Mempemehuasem’, a community in the Ga West Municipality Assembly (GWMA) in the Greater Accra Region says they feel neglected in that promise.

According to the Aduana Abusuapanin of ‘Mempemehuasem’, Nana Osei Owusu, neither the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) nor the Member of Parliament (MP) have come to their aid adding the Akufo-Addo government has completely turned a blind eye to their deplorable roads.

In an exclusive interview with ThinkNews Online, Nana Osei Owusu said “I have lived here for the past 50-years and one of our major problems is the fixing of our deplorable roads. From Medie to Fotobi and also we have challenges with our water as well but I am most interested in getting our roads fixed. Once it is fixed, we will have freedom”

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He added a community without good roads is not worth living in.

He also explained that since Mempemehuasem is a farming community, it also lacks a market where the farmers will sell their farm produce.

Nana Osei Owusu also hinted the community also lacks toilet facilities adding that the last constructed structure meant for easing oneself was built during the Kufuor era.

“The community has expanded but it is so unfortunate that we are lacking all these things in this 21st century. We have not seen any development. Our Former MP and Assembly man did their part although it's been ages. We also have problems with portable water”

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The Abusuapanyin further stressed that the entire community depends on only two sources of water which are a stream and one from a rock.

He said “Government comes and goes but it is so disappointing that they do not deliver on their promises. We are really disappointed in government adding if the roads are not fixed, they should forget the election 2020”

ThinkNews Online also gathered that most residents, motorists and commuters in the community have continued to lament the deplorable state of their roads, causing them untold hardships everyday.

The inner roads of Mempemehuasem which serve as links to the main Medie and Fobiman are very bad and death traps waiting to wreak havoc on innocent residents who ply on them.

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Felicia, a resident who spoke to ThinkNews said “For the safety of the water, I cannot tell. I grew up meet my elders using it so whether it is safe or not, we use it without treating. We get hit with shortage of water in the dry season. We have to buy sachets of water and depend on it”

Rita, another resident also said “Our biggest challenge is water. We do not have any borehole here. The ones we purchase during the dry season are however expensive. The water is not good for our health but we have no option”

She also stressed that residents have to walk for miles before having access to the other stream which also serves as a source of water for the community.

9-year old Zakiah appealed to the government to provide the community with pipe.

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Assemblyman for the Gorno Electoral Area, Joseph Danquah mentioned although he has spent 7 months in office, he is bent on ensuring the residents benefit from the year of roads, and have access to potable water.

He said “I took office 7 months ago. I have heard their plights; I have started working on some and I will ensure that I do my best for my people”

Watch video and pictures below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith


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