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W/R: "Pragya, Aboboyaa Riders Are Using Indomie, Fried Rice To Impregnate Teenage Girls"—Chief Fumes

The Tufuhene of Daboase in the Wassa East District of the Western Region, Nana Piabo IV, has accused riders of Pragya and Aboboyaa of being responsible for rising teenage pregnancies in the area.

According to the angry chief, pregnancy among teenagers in recent times has been on the ascendancy.

He indicated that checks reveal that riders of Pragya and Aboboyaa are the ones mostly responsible for the pregnancies. The chief noted that these riders are luring and sleeping with these young girls in exchange for Indomie and fast food for them.

“What is happening right now is that these Pragya and Aboboya riders are using Indomie to entice these vulnerable young girls and impregnating them. We have issued several warnings to these riders but still, nothing is changing. We have deployed several struggles in an attempt to stop this trend but someway somehow the girls go to them.

“…it will interest you to know that these girls are aged between 13 to 16 years,” Nana Piabo IV told reporters at Daboase.

Although the Tufuhene of Daboase notes that there have been attempts to use communal laws to deal with these men using Indomie to get girls pregnant, he laments that it has not been effective.

This he says is because parents are not helping but rather making things difficult.

“We have many communal laws especially to guard against certain activities of children but we are not getting the corporation of parents.

“The parents are making things difficult thereby rendering the laws ineffective. For example, we have said that children below 18 years should not attend a funeral and we were expecting parents to help us enforce this but we are not seeing any commitment from them,” Nana Piabo IV added.

He emphasised, "Children mostly caught up in this mess and impregnated are girls whose parents are unable to provide for them. In a bid to fend for themselves, they are taken advantage of and lured with Indomie and fanciful things."

Credit: Modern Ghana



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