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Video of Rev. Father ‘Force-Kissing’ Teacher Trainees Evokes Anger On Social Media

Social media users are incensed over a trending video that shows a religious leader force-kissing some female teacher trainees while he stood on a podium.

Rev. Fr Baltharzar Obeng Larbi of the St. Monica’s College of Education, fully dressed in his cassock, was seen kissing some girls on stage with him in turns.

In one instance, he was seen gesturing to one of the girls, who appeared very uncomfortable with the move to take off her face mask before holding her head and kissing her on the lips.

The video, shot by someone in the audience has generated wide condemnation on social media, although a few people have jumped to the Reverend father’s defense, describing his action as a ‘holy kiss’.

Reports yet to be independently verified by Citi News indicate that the Rev. Fr. Larbi subjected the final-year students to the kiss after presenting them with gifts reading the Bible.

The Anglican Church, which runs the St. Monica’s College of Education, Mampong, says it is investigating the issue.

The Rev. Father is said to be a lawyer and a Chaplain of the school.

Below are some embed tweets and a statement:

Credit: Citinewsroom



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