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US Federal Bureau of Investigations, Dept. of Justice commends EOCO on fight against organised crime

A ten-member team from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Department of Justice (DoJ) has commended EOCO on successes chalked in the fight against organised crime and romance fraud in Ghana.

This was said in a meeting held at the EOCO Head Office in Accra on 11th September 2023.

The team led by Arun G. Rao, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Civil Division of the US Department of Justice, were on a familiarisation visit to Ghana to meet with key Partner Agencies.

The meeting was to discuss ways to strengthen collaboration between the Agencies and chart a course for future interaction and support to fulfil their individual mandates.

Some key pointers included shortening the time it takes to access Mutual Legal Assistance from the USA and the need to be able to acquire evidential material timeously for successful prosecutions.

The Team pledged their support to EOCO by facilitating prosecution of EOCO cases involving persons in their jurisdiction.

There were also discussions to assist with evidence from the US to assist with EOCO prosecutions in Ghana and further support with information and facilitate asset recovery in Ghana.

Present at the meeting were both Deputy Executive Directors responsible for Intelligence and Operations, Aba J. Opoku Esq. and Bashiru Dapilah Esq respectively, and some select Unit Heads.

Credit: EOCO



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