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Ursula Owusu-Ekuful refutes claims of MTN exclusion from 5G consortium

Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, Ghana's Minister of Communication and Digitalization, has refuted claims that MTN, one of the nation's leading telecommunications providers, was deliberately excluded from the plans for the introduction of 5G technology.

Concerns about MTN's exclusion from the Next-Gen InfraCo (NGIC) consortium emerged following the government’s announcement on May 30 regarding its ambitious plan to roll out 5G within the next six months.

Industry experts voiced their concerns, highlighting the absence of MTN in the consortium tasked with executing the 5G network.

Addressing these concerns on the Citi Breakfast Show on Monday, June 24, Owusu-Ekuful assured host Bernard Avle that MTN would eventually be involved in the 5G rollout.

LShe emphasized that the allegations of MTN being purposefully sidelined were unfounded and stemmed from misinformation.

"I don’t know who created that impression. Somebody threw it out there, and nobody spoke to me or any of those involved in putting this consortium together before spreading this false alarm. It is not true,” Owusu-Ekuful stated.

The minister explained that discussions were ongoing and that all network operators in the country, including MTN, were being offered the opportunity to take up equity in the Next-Gen InfraCo.

The NGIC consortium currently includes two telecom companies, AT Ghana and Telecel Ghana, along with several technology partners: Ascend Digital, K-NET, Radisys, Nokia, and Tech Mahindra.

Madam Owusu-Ekuful reassured that the inclusion process for other operators, such as MTN, is underway and that no operator is being intentionally excluded.

The government’s 5G initiative aims to enhance digital connectivity and foster technological advancement in Ghana.

The Minister’s comments are intended to quell the speculation and assure the public and industry stakeholders of a fair and inclusive process.

As the rollout progresses, the involvement of all major telecom players, including MTN, is anticipated to ensure a comprehensive and robust 5G network for Ghana.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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