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UNITED KINGDOM: Random Stop, Search Hits Croydon; As 9 Police Officers Pounce On Black Student

Nine Police Officers in Croydon, United Kingdom have stopped and searched a black student randomly on the streets on suspicion of carrying illegal substances.

In a viral video posted on Facebook by an eye-witness, the black young student was heard and seen challenging the officers asking why he was being stopped and searched.

According to the eye-witness (Name withheld), the young black man was heading towards college with two female friends before they were bumped into by the street officers.

The Eye Witness said “These officers came to the young man who was standing with the two ladies. Random stop and search! The guy has the right to know why he is being search. I think it’s a language barrier”

Explaining himself to other police officers, the angry young black man said “I don’t have anything. I was only asking him why he wanted to search me. I am not going anywhere. If I had something, I would have been gone long ago”

The young black man further added that he had nothing on him adding that he is being harassed for nothing.

With what seems to be a language barrier, the young black man drifted his attention to a Senior police officer and narrated his ordeal with ease.

“Can you search me because I don’t want him to search me” the angry young man tasked the officer.

The Eye Witness also mentioned that she is amazed at how 9 officers pounced on an innocent young black man whiles when real robbery happens, they (Police) will be nowhere to be found.

After 9 minutes of search and interrogation, the young black student was allowed to go after nothing was found on him.

However, pass-byers were unhappy about the gestures of the officers attributing it to the murder of George Floyd in the United States of America.


Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith