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Ugandan Government To Provide Free Masks To Citizens From Age 6

President Yoweri Museveni has announced his government will provide free facemasks to its citizens as from the age of six years and above.

Addressing the nation on Monday, May 19, the 75-year-old head of state said all citizens will be required to wear the masks whenever in public as the country prepares to resume public transport as from June. 

Museveni said the masks will not be provided for children of less than six years for they do not know how to wear them.

“This mask must be worn all the time when you are in public, whether you are sneezing, talking or coughing. Since many people raised the issue that they cannot afford these masks, the gov’t has decided to provide these masks to all Ugandans 6 years and above,” said Museveni.

The head of state said once issues of the masks is addressed, shops selling general merchandise will be free to open but only if they are not in shopping arcades and food markets.

Museveni said the masks will be ready in two weeks time and only then can the public transport be allowed to operate as from June 2.

However, boda boda and tuk tuks will not be allowed to carry passengers and public transport will not be allowed in border districts of Uganda for another 21 days.

Bars, salons, gyms and swimming pools will remain closed for the next 21 days.

"For the bars and salons, since they cannot observe the rules of social distancing, they will not be allowed to open for another 21 days, this includes, gyms and swimming pools," Museveni said.

Private cars will not be allowed to carry more than three passengers including the driver.

Source: Erick Kombo Ndubi



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