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UFC Fighter, Cat Zingano Suing American Actress Halle Berry

A UFC fighter, Cat Zingano, is reportedly expected to sue American actress, Halle Maria Berry. Reports say the fighter is dragging Berry into the legal arena because she (Berry) promised her a movie role but ended up snubbing her.

According to Cat, she met with Berry in July 2019 to discuss a movie that she (Berry) was directing.

The movie, African Entertainment understands, was “Bruised.”

Cat, reports say, claimed that Halle informed her that she was perfect for the project.

She further claimed that Ms. Berry asked her to schedule for the film production.

However, Cat reportedly indicated that the UFC came after her discussion, with a big fight offer. In her legal document, Cat complained that she spoke to Berry about the fight offer from UFC.

However, she said Berry advised she should pass on the UFC fight if she wanted to be in the fight.

She claimed that Berry cited liability concerns from the movie’s insurer.

According to her, she had to turn down the fight offer for the movie.

Due to that, she said the UFC released her from her contract.

In her suit, Cat says she was surprised and disappointed when Berry later told her she could no longer be involved in the movie because she was no longer fighting in the UFC.

Cat claims that Berry told her that the film could only work with UFC fighters.

Below is an Instagram and Twitter post:

Credit: The African Entertainment



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