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Two Melcom branch managers arrested over VAT invoice

The Kasoa and Achimota branch managers of the popular retail shop, Melcom, have been arrested by the revenue protection taskforce from the Ghana Revenue Authority over failure to issue VAT invoices on some items sold to customers.

They were arrested on Wednesday, February 1.

Their arrest brings to nine, the number of shop managers arrested on the third day of the operation by the compliance unit of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

The GRA rolled out the Electronic VAT Invoicing system in 2022 in its quest to track taxes paid on goods purchased.

With the current Value Added Tax rate at about 25%, some shops have adopted schemes to bypass the system in order to keep a low price rate to attract customers.

According to the GRA, shop managers have found a smart way of directing purchases through other systems other than the customs-approved system.

The suspected shop managers will be arraigned according to the GRA after their statements are taken.

On Tuesday, the Managers of the East Legon branch of Max Mart shopping centre, Community 25 branch of Palace shopping mall, and Second Cup Coffee shop at Dzorwulu were arrested and detained by the Ghana Revenue Authority for non-compliance with tax laws and bypassing the Electronic VAT Invoicing system.

The three managers are made up of two foreigners and a Ghanaian.

According to GRA, the managers of the respective malls deliberately outsmarted the Electronic VAT Invoicing system by recording multiple sales of items under one unit.



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