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"Three slaps from Nana Ama McBrown made me quit acting" – Erico

Erico who emerged winner of the third edition of the TV3’s Mentor Show has opened up on when he decided to go into acting.

Speaking on Nana Ama McBrown’s show “Onua Showtime”, the musician recounted his experience with the host on a movie set.

According to him, he received three slaps from Nana Ama McBrown on a movie set, and that defined his life.

The slaps made him come to terms with the fact that acting is not his calling.

In a jovial manner, Erico mentioned that it is difficult to forget the slaps he received that day.

Well, if those slaps turned your life around, how can you forget of them.

Erico with all humility and happiness thanked Nana Ama McBrown for the exposure she gave him.

“I was moving into acting but you (Nana Ama McBrown) did something to me that made me opt out. You slapped me about three times that I can never forget. I was like when I come on here, I’ll say it for us to laugh. “That day when you slapped me, I realized that acting is not for me. It’s not my field. I got discouraged and said I will not act again but God bless you because at the time, you gave me exposure,” he recounted.

Erico also mentioned that since his time at TV3 Mentor, he continues to do his music. And he has a song titled ‘Aseda’ coming out on August 20.

According to him the launch of the song will take place at New Life Kingdom Chapel at Santa Maria at 4pm, and there will be free entry.

He acknowledged that, though not everyone hears or listens to his music, the people who listen are touched one way or the other.

And he is happy with the help and support he is receiving from some men of God.

“I’ve been doing music ever since I left Mentor and up until now, I still am. God willing, on August 20, I’m launching a new one called, “Aseda” which will take place at New Life Kingdom Chapel at Santa Maria at 4pm. The launching comes with free entry,

“Some people hear my music whilst some others don’t but by the grace of God, I have about 3 pastors who are rallying behind me and pushing me little by little. When I sing “Aseda”, so many people want to cry,” Erico disclosed.

Source: 3news



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