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There Is Nothing Embarrassing Or Negative About Akuapem Poloo's Naked Picture With Her Son

I have seen parents kiss their children so deep on the mouth I am always like... 👀 But then, it never seems to be wrong on any level.

Akuapem Poloo went totally naked in front of her son to wish him a happy birthday.

Truthfully, I, David Bondze-Mbir see absolutely 'NOTHING' wrong with this picture if it had happened just at their home and not for our consumption.

My reason being this:

I am naturally very comfortable with myself being naked at home. I hate wearing stuff so as a parent, if I have a child under 10 years and every now and then they refuse to knock on my bedroom door to see me in my element, I will not be bothered because I am very comfortable with my nakedness. And will not mind my child or spouse seeing me in that state. My message is always about PRIVACY not SHAME.

She deliberately had this picture taken with her son, meaning, she's not worried keeping her clothes off in front of her flesh and blood. There is nothing embarrassing or negative in this. There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about their bodies to be kept hidden.

The boy probably would be wondering, "Mum, why is your boobs hanging?"

Someday, he is going to learn from his mother or father, or even at school, why the human body has to undergo change. As they get older, mother and son will be more discreet around each other not because they're uncomfortable, but because they may want to draw the lines appropriately.

So, when it is time for Akuapem Poloo to undress today, she will tell him - that's if he's in her room talking to her, what she plans to do so he can have the option to leave. When a child reaches that stage of not wanting to be seen naked by his or her mother, he or she wouldn't want to see his or her parent naked either.

If her son were ever to say or even act as if he were uncomfortable by the thought of his mother's nakedness, naturally, Poloo will respect it.

I still don't see how nudity, when it's within my home and of course, 100% nonsexualized, is going to traumatize my child, especially if we're all on the same page, are all consenting and not so ashamed with it. A child will make it clear when his or her mother or father's nudity no longer works for him or her. They will let you know when it's that time for you to STOP being naked in front of them. You will know because they wouldn't want to be around you naked.

We all developed our own sense of modesty while growing up and we kept off even though our parents never entertained such moments with us. But regardless, we would have gotten to that stage of 'we' ve had enough of you being all that in my face'

I love this picture for whatever reason. Only, I wouldn't have made it public knowledge. But unfortunately, she's drawn the attention of grown men unto herself, because she's really beautiful a body, and naive. And men preying on such bodies and women will be pursuing her indirectly, trading money for what she can also offer - just to raise this child. Because she's a single parent and has to survive for herself and the boy.

Any and everything to make it happen for them

Credit: David Bondze-Mbir

Disclaimer: The above write-up is solely thoughts of the writer and not Management of ThinkNewsOnline.



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