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"There is no hold-up of promotion of any Junior Officer in the whole Police Service" - Dr. Dampare

Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo Dampare says there is no hold-up of promotion of any Junior Officer in the Ghana Police Service.

According to the IGP, such allegations are baseless and thus should be disregarded.

Responding to questions before Parliament's Committee on the leaked tape, the IGP said "There is no hold up of promotion of any Junior Officer in the whole Police Service"

"Even as we speak, the structure has been that any Junior Officer who is four years are sent to training and they are promoted. They are sent to the Eastern Region to reshape and recalibrate them. We are also making sure that they are promoted in December"

"It has become the preserve of the Police Council and from that level make recommendations to the President and for that to be effected. So as it stands, everybody who is supposed to be promoted based on the Junior rank has been done, everybody who is based on the Senior rank has also been done. That is where we are"

The IGP clarified that there is no unit called 'Special Dampare Unit' in the Ghana Police Service.

"Stop trying to put our heads against eachother. It is shameful and not good for this country and you cannot do this. You should stop it. They can use any other thing to get what they want but they should not use that. They should be patriotic, because that is the only place we have called home (Ghana)"

"So in their quest to achieve their selfish interests, they should not create confusion. We will continue to work as various institutions for our beloved country"

Responding to the interdiction of the two officers in the leaked tape, the IGP said "This is another thing. People have tried to use this against me. The truth of the matter is this, when all these things happened, whiles we were focused on ensuring that we work as a team across the country, and also across all the other security agencies, we got to a point and these things happen, and you feel pained that your own brothers can go and do these things against you, but you forgive them because such is nature, the more you forgive, the more you become stronger and preserve your health so I moved on but I said whatever is going on, I recuse myself from the whole process"

"So I was not part of whatever decision that was taken to interdict or de-interdict anyone. It is a matter that was considered at the Police Council and they handled it in my absence"

"And anytime, any issue about this particular incident is discussed anywhere within the Police leadership, they fill my absence because I think and believe that is the right thing to do and that is what happened"

"I am not involved in the interdiction and de-interdiction of anyone. I thank you"

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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