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The American president, Donald Trump stunned the world leaders and the health experts on Tuesday, when he was pulling up funding to the WHO, in the middle of the global novel Corona virus pandemic.

He had warned that he was going to do so last week, accusing the WHO of mismanaging the spread of the CODVID-19. Of not taking a hasty decision on investigating the virus when it first emerged in China in 2019.

Antonio Guterres, the secretary General of the United Nation, which is the WHO parents organisation has described the pandemic as unprecedented in a statement on Tuesday, and acknowledged the fact that there would a lessons learned on future outbreaks.

“once we close the chapter of this epidemic, there must be a time to go back and look at how this diseases emerge and spreads it devastation globally, and how those involved react to crisis”

He continued to say, “ but now is not the time to reduce resources for the operation of the world health organization or any other humanitarian units in the fight against this virus. urging for togetherness in the face of a pandemic the has taken many lives globally.


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