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The 'Juju' Operations Behind Ghana's 2009 U-20 World Cup Victory

The Black Satellites of Ghana made history in 2009 by beating Brazil to become the first-ever African country to win the U-20 FIFA World Cup in Egypt. Narrating how the historic victory was achieved, Joseph Langabel, the team’s chief drummer and motivator back revealed that he and another member named, Zacoco had to undertake spiritual directions on behalf of the team. According to Langabel, the direction was to gift 7 mentally-challenged people(6 men, 1 woman) food and money termed as 'Salakah' before the game. “To find these mad people, Zacoco and I will have to search the entire city of Cairo. We set off on our trek and gave money and bread to every man we encountered. We were left with one female insane person after a long search. We looked and looked and looked,” he said in an audio aired on Peace FM. “So we gave the woman money and bread. Zacoco knows Arabic so he always speaks to them in Arabic before we give them the bread and money and then we were set.” He added that Jordan Anagblah, who was a management committee member of the Satellite instructed them to perform another sacrifice that he believed won the trophy for Ghana. “When we got back to the hostel then we call Jordan and he asked us if we were set and we said yes and he said there is another sacrifice we need to make but for that, I won’t say it here. We did so many things I can’t say here. So we did all that and the man that’s Jordan Anagblah’s father who was blind told us that we will take the trophy.” “He said we will win the match but it will be difficult for us and he added that there will be two red cards in the match. Everything happened and by the grace of God we took the cup so when Aziz says there is something in football that’s true,” Langabel narrates. During the match, Black Satellite went down by one man in the first half after Daniel Addo got sent off on the 37th minute. Sellas Tetteh's men fought through to push the game all the way to penalties shootouts after a match 120 minutes saw no goal. Ghana won the shootout 4-3 with former Black Stars midfielder Emmanuel Agymang Badu scoring the winning penalty.




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