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TESHIE: Two Cold Store Operators Surcharged GH¢90,000 For Meter Tampering

Tinash Enterprise and Amag Cold stores, all located in the Teshie Tebibiano enclave, have been surcharged GH¢90,000 for disconnecting two faces in their three-face prepaid meters.

This deliberate act was intended to reduce meter billing by 80%, according to officials of the Electricity Company of Ghana.

Owner of Amag Cold store admitted to the nefarious act, saying he took the decision because he couldn’t cover his cost of operations.

“I admit I did the wrong thing, but it was just three months ago. The usual bills that come are too much and I couldn’t keep up,” he said in a telephone call pleading with the ECG national taskforce team.

The Tinash Enterprise owned by Faustina Boafo, a worker at the Lands Commission, on her part laid the blame on the manager of the enterprise and some ECG staff.

She alleged the ECG staff on two occasions replaced her meter when she complained about high consumption.

“I paid them [ECG staff] GH¢6,000 for the installation of this pole and subsequently paid GH¢2,000 in cash for the replacement of this meter.”

“The manager of my shop also brought in another ECG staff to do something I’m not aware of, but I realized GH¢3,000 was deducted from my account. If there are any suspicions, the manager should be arrested.”

Efforts to have the ECG officers to be lenient with her proved futile.

She was subsequently surcharged almost GH¢46,000 for meter tampering for a 12-month period.


Credit: Citinewsroom



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