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TERRORISM: Burkinabes flee to Bawku West as Jihadists attack, kill police officers

A terrorist attack in Zoaga, Bugri and Zabre in the northern province of Burkina Faso has left some Ghanaian residents of Soogo, Sapeliga, Kansoogo, Kubougo and Widnaba living close to the Burkina Faso border in the Bawku West District of the Upper East Region in fear.

A police station was burnt, telecom towers were destroyed and some persons have been killed by the jihadists.

The attack compelled Burkinabes of affected communities Zoaga, Bugri and Zabre mostly women and children to flee to some communities in Ghana using porous and unapproved routes on Friday, January 13.

According to the Ghanaian residents, they feel insecure considering the huge numbers of Burkinabes fleeing to the area.

They want government to intensify security in the area for fear of attack, especially the unapproved routes.

The sub-Chief of Soogo, Joshua Akaami, called for support and heavy security to protect the community from infiltration by terrorists.

According to him, he received several women and children from Burkina Faso as a result of the attack that led to the loss of lives and properties.

As a sub-chief, he said with no place to accommodate the asylum seekers he had to negotiate with churches around for the displaced burkinabes to stay.

He added the numbers keep increasing with more women and children arriving.

He appeals to NADMO and benevolent organisations to urgently help with food items and mats for the women and children to sleep on.

The Assembly member of Soogo electoral area, Asaki Usben Tampuri called on the security agencies to tighten security along the border communities.

He, However, thanked the chiefs of the various border communities for the efforts and appealed for support.

Over 2,000 Burkinabes are currently living in the border towns: Widnaba, Soogo, Kubougo and Kansoogo.

Credit: Modern Ghana



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