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”Stop twerking for politicians, free yourself from political slavery" – Mr. Macaroni

Debo Adebayo, also known as Mr. Macaroni, a well-known social activist and comedian, has urged Nigerians to cease “twerking” for politicians, saying those who do so are the least patriotic of all Nigerians.

The creator of skits said in a post on his social media account that he has now gained independence and is now fully aware that holding public office is not a favor to the citizens.

The politicians should rather consider themselves favored to be serving the people.

“Some of us have since emancipated ourselves and are fully aware that politicians are not doing the people any favors by holding public office. Instead, it is the politicians that are so favored and privileged to serve the people.

"Stop twerking for politicians. Liberate your minds and free yourself from political slavery. You deserve better as a Nigerian. So hold your leaders accountable. To make Nigeria work, we all have a part to play,” he wrote.

Mr. Macaroni further added that, people who have chosen to be loyal to politicians instead of the country are the unpatriotic ones.

He noted that, it is not wrong to commend a politician for a good job done. Also, it is equally important to call them to order when they do the wrong things. “The most unpatriotic Nigerians are those of you that have chosen to be loyal to politicians instead of the Country especially when the decisions they make affect the people negatively.

“Do well to commend them when they do well but also be the first to call them to order when they do wrong by the people. Now listen to a voice of reason and raise your heads up from their behinds and start doing better,” he added.

Source: Daily Post

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