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“Stop Tarnishing My Image With Your Lies” - Mike Oquaye Jnr Warns Adwoa Safo

Ghana’s High Commissioner to India, His Excellency Mike Oquaye Jnr has sent a strong warning to the sitting Member of Parliament (MP) to stop spreading lies about him.

According to him, the sitting MP is using all means possible to paint his opponent black in attempt to lure them from voting for him in the upcoming Parliamentary Primaries in the Constituency.

In an interview with, the Ambassador said “There is an apparent attempt by the daughter of Apostle Christo Safo to lie about her opponent. On Friday, May 1, 2020 - a supporter of Adwoa emerged from the Dome Kwabenya Constituency Chairman’s house and was unfortunately hit by a passing motor bike, it was an accident. However a supporter of Adwoa called Alhaji Ibrahim started screaming and shouting at the Top of his voice on the DKC group platforms that the supporters of Oquaye Jnr have knocked down ( Mr Borga NIE) and that all should rush to the house of the Chairman now now now to protect them from such evil people”

He added that the false alarm created fear and panic all over the Constituency leaving some residents and constituents worried and angry.

His Excellency Mike Oquaye further added follow-ups later revealed the information about the knock down although true was not caused by a member from the Oquaye faction

“The person had nothing to do with anyone. It was just an accident. People were so angry that eventually the same Alhaji Ibrahim rescinded his false cry and apologised on the same

WhatsApp platforms. Evidence recordings attached” he added.

Ghana’s High Commissioner to India says the strategy by Hon. Adwoa Safo is dishonourable and must end.

He says since Hon. Adwoa Safo has sensed she is on the verge of losing the seat to him, she is doing everything possible to break him down

He said “Desperation is clear. Change is coming to Dome Kwabenya Constituency. The Battle is the Lord’s!”

In other developments, His Excellency Mike Oquaye Jnr is calling on the public to debunk

claims by Hon. Adwoa Safo that he is after her life.

He said “This is politics and we both want the best for the Constituency. We might be in one party contesting for a seat but that does not mean I have to come after your life? What for and why will I have to do that?”

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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